Fiona Harvey, Cancer Research; Catherine Macleod; Joan Stewart; Kay Mackay; and Trudy Stammer, Cancer Research UK

Volunteers from the Cancer Research UK Isle of Lewis Committee visited the Beatson Institute for Cancer Research last weekend to see the world-class research that the money raised on the Isle of Lewis is funding.
With the support of the local community, the Isle of Lewis Committee raised over £75,000 for Cancer Research UK in 2015. Kay Mackay, Joan Stewart and Catherine Macleod all attended Cancer Research UK’s supporter day where they had the chance to meet some of the scientists behind the breakthroughs. They heard about groundbreaking work on new leukaemia treatments being carried out in Edinburgh and the recent advances in pancreatic cancer research in Glasgow.

In addition, the volunteers toured the research labs and talked with scientists whose work is funded by Cancer Research UK. Scientists also helped to bring their science to life with interactive experiments where volunteers had the chance to extract DNA from strawberries and learn about personalised medicines, a priority area of research for Cancer Research UK, through a hook-a-duck game.
Fiona Harvey, Local Fundraising Manager for Cancer Research UK said: “Last year, Cancer Research UK spent £31m on research in Scotland. Because of this research, Cancer Research UK has made enormous progress in the fight against cancer. However, we have only been able to do this thanks to the dedication and commitment of our volunteers and supporters like those on the Isle of Lewis without whom we would not be able to fund our research.”
For further information about Cancer Research UK’s work or to find out how to support the charity, please call 0300 123 1022 or visit