Amidst protests from various parts of the crofting world, Comhairle nan Eilean Siar is to invite the Crofting Commission to a meeting of Crofting Joint Consultative Committee "to discuss the wider implications raised by the current discussions within the sector".

Comhairle Leader Angus Campbell said “We are aware of the current issues between the Crofting Commission and Grazings Committees and whilst not wishing to be drawn into the specifics of those discussions, there are wider implications for the whole of the crofting industry that these matters raise.  Principally around the roles and responsibilities of Grazings Committees and their enforcement. With that in mind, we are inviting representatives of the Commission to a meeting of the JCC so that these matters can be discussed in full.”

It is hoped that the JCC meeting will take place during the second week of May.