Seafood lovers in Lewis and Harris are invited to join the rest of the UK to celebrate seafood week from 7-14 October 2016.

Islander Shellfish will be marking the occasion each day by having a special on the menu.

Ronnie Scott, owner of Island Shellfish, said: “There is a fantastic range and variety of seafood in the UK and we want to celebrate that by shining a light on the industry and its fantastic produce.

“So stand up for the bounty of the sea and celebrate seafood week from 7-14 October by coming down to Islander Shellfish and enjoying a beautiful seafood dish. I look forward to serving you!”

Seafood week is about giving seafood the recognition it deserves and thanking the people who produce it, from fishermen who haul their catch in all weather to chefs who serve it to our table.

The event already has the backing of key players in the industry, including Seafish, the industry body that works to secure a profitable, sustainable and socially responsible future for the UK seafood industry.  

Heather Middleton, marketing manager at Seafish, said: “We want to bring the whole of the UK together to celebrate and showcase all the best that seafood has to offer.

“We’ve been eating it for generations. It is part of our tradition and our national identity, and it truly deserves a regular place on all our dining tables.

“To help build support of seafood week, we are urging people to start tweeting with the hashtag #seafoodweek."