The Stornoway Gazette office in Francis Street is no more.

The newspaper's name over the door has been painted out.

The photograph taken this morning (Thursday October 27th) shows there is still the green shop sign dating from the 1980s - although it is over the doorway blocked up in office renovations in the early 2000s - and the shop itself has been closed and empty for almost a year.

Subsequent to the original publication of this item at 9.27am today, a report appeared on the Stornoway Gazette website.

Headlined "Stornoway Gazette moves to new town centre location" and timed at 12.27 on Thursday October 27th, it states:  "The Stornoway Gazette/Back in the Day staff have had a busy week this week moving offices from their old building at 10 Francis Street into new office space at the Harbour View building. The new office for both the Stornoway Gazette and Back in the Day titles is now Unit 7 at Harbour View, Cromwell Street Quay, Stornoway which is adjacent to the Perceval Square car park. 

"Staff Melinda Gillen, Eric Mackinnon and Caroline Henderson are delighted by the move as the new office offers a far more convenient workspace for them and greater accessibility for the public."

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Fred Silver, now owner and editor of EVENTS and, was editor of the Stornoway Gazette in the 1990s. He said that at the time he took the photograph above there was no visible sign on the door of the former office or on the relaunched Stornoway Gazette website to explain where the office now is.

Fred, who left the Gazette in 1999 to create his own company, says: "It was almost exactly 25 years ago that I arrived on the Islands to edit the Gazette.  I was only intending to stay a couple of years! The Stornoway Gazette was then at the epicentre of the BCCI row with international repercussions. I was amazed to find that its book reviews were so highly regarded that the dust-jackets of books would include excerpts from reviews in The Scotsman, the Glasgow Herald…and the Stornoway Gazette.  There was a constant ebb and flow of people through the office which was then the centre of Island life."

Following initial publication of this photograph and news item, the Stornoway Gazette has been in contact with to make clear the newspaper itself is continuing to be published. We are happy to make that clear.