An appeal – carried on – for craftspeople and makers to contact the Stornoway Airport shop about putting their products on sale there has produced great results, says Donald Martin who runs the shop.

Within a few days, several local producers had their products on sale at the airport for the first – and had made their first sales. “There’s some very nice stuff come through,” said Mr Martin.

But he is still looking for more potential craftspeople to join the throng on the main display shelves.

Eight new products are already available including tablet; a range of miniature oil paintings on easels; mallows; paintings from a Point artist; unique shoulder bags made from tweed waste; chocolates; and various other gifts.

Mr Martin said that some of the smaller producers has also been looking for advice on how best to present and market their products and some had already made changes to meet the standards needed to successfully to the public passing through the airport.

Small producers frequently did not want to sell from their homes as they did not want customers arriving at their backdoors; others had hardly managed to sell their products at a professional outlet before and had to consider changes in production, pricing and presentation.  Mr Martin is also changing the shop’s displays around in order to show paintings for sale.

Mr Martin is using his decades of experience in many aspects of retail and crafts production to help the producers with a variety of suggestions for making the products more easily sold.  He said that all the producers who had been in contact had been happy to work in partnership with the shop to make improvements to assist sales.