The new tarmac stage at Stornoway Airport

Next month heralds the 10th anniversary of Rally Hebrides - and organisers have announced BIG changes to their plans.

They say: "After nine years of running the Lews Castle Grounds stages over various routes, there comes a time when good things have to come to an end.

"For 2017 we have decided to drop this stage from our event.

"However we have found a new 100% tarmac stage which has it all."

The Friday night opening stage for the rally will be held in and around Stornoway Airport from 8pm.

Say organisers: "This stage will have it all for drivers and spectators - if you love the track stages this will be on another level.

"Its like a Mini Mach 1 stages - it's tight, it's fast, it's open, it's twisty."

Event planners stress that they cannot have spectator parking on site as is the norm at the drag race, so they are going to run a Park and Ride shuttle service from the Nicolson/ Smith Avenue carpark, running all evening.

They add: "Since this stage is held on a live airport, we may incur delays in starting stage if the last flight is delayed.

"Since this stage is completely new to us we will only be running one stage here, but we will hopefully be running a full 40-car event. There will be plenty of entertainment here for drivers and spectators."

The 2017 Rally Hebrides, sponsored by the Caladh Inn, takes place over Friday 18 and Satuday 19 August.

With a scrutineering event on Friday night, the rally itself kicks off at 8am on the Melbost Farm stages.


Signing on starts at 13:30 on Friday, and all participants should ensure they are signed on by 18:00.
Scrutineering starts at 15:30 on Friday 18th August at Stornoway Ferry terminal
Drivers' Briefing is at 17:00 on Friday 18th August. All drivers are to attend the drivers' brief.
All cars depart at 19:40 from Western Isles Council HQ, Stornoway on Friday 18th August for SS1.
First car departs at 07:49 from Western Isles Council HQ, Stornoway on Saturday 19th August for SS2 and SS3

2017 Stages
SS1 – Stornoway Airport
SS2 & 3 - Melbost Farm
SS4 & 5 - Wind Turbines
SS6 & 7 - Arnish Fabrication Yard
SS8 & 9 - Lewis Motorsport Track