Alzheimer Scotland Lewis and Harris needs your help between now and 31st August by voting!

But no need to visit the polling booths again!  You can do this while shopping at Tesco Stornoway!

One of Alzheimer Scotland Lewis and Harris' goals for 2017 is to start up a Men’s Club, with snooker and other activities on offer for men in Lewis & Harris living with dementia to benefit from.

"The funding received through the Tesco Bags of Help fund will be an amazing opportunity for us to be able to develop this. The reason behind choosing this activity to fund is because we already have numerous successful projects and activities which are ongoing, however we have found that the attendance at our existing activities tends to be predominantly female. We want to be able to offer something which we feel the men who use our services locally would benefit from and look forward to attending.

"The great thing about this project is that we have already been liaising with local pupils at the nearby secondary school who are really keen to get involved with the start-up and supporting the ongoing hosting of this activity as volunteers. This is a wonderful example of inter-generational activity which we wish to encourage and it will be of huge benefit to the participants who are living with dementia as they love coming together in situations where young people are involved.

"It is so important to make sure people living with dementia in our local community feel involved with activities on a regular basis, dementia can lead to a risk of leave people feeling lonely and excluded and the activities that we currently provide people living with dementia to remain connected to their local community.

"We hope to have this project up and running before the end of the summer, and as it is an indoor activity, it will be something that we can offer all year round, adding to the already varied and intricate calendar of events we have at the moment which include singing groups, a walking club and a knitting group!

"So please help us by donating as many blue tokens as you can to our fund when shopping at Tesco Stornoway from now until 31st August."  There is a special voting box in the exit aisle beyond the line of tills.