This was a typical action scene from the closely-contested football match at the Smith Avenue all-weather pitch yesterday between the local Police and Fire Service teams in aid of NeuroHebrides. 

The contest began with a quick goal from the Police - so early in the game ("first few seconds") that the so-called photographer attending the game for missed it completely.  He claims he was on-time but it took longer than he expected to find the pedestrian access to the pitch.

This was followed not long afterwards by a penalty score for the Police - which the photographer also missed!  (wrongly positioned…"I never heard the whistle" etc)

That left the Police 2:0 up and they fought hard to maintain the lead.  But gradually the Fire Service came back into the game.  Pressing harder and harder as the first half ended.  In the second half, the Fire Service scored twice towards the start of the half to draw level, making it 2:2, before the Police redoubled their efforts, hit the bar and then finally scored a third. 

Great game…some more images - including three goals! – below.