Coisir Sgir a'Bhac had a fantastic competition, winning the prestigious Lorn Shield, and a host of other trophies at Mòd Nàiseanta Rìoghail Loch Abar 2017.

Their conductor Avril Allen was given the Mrs Catherine C MacDonald Silver Baton, and they also won the Dalriada Cup for the highest marks in Gaelic, and the Captain Angus Stewart Trophy for the highest marks in music. They also won the Hamish Graham (Strath) Trophy for highest aggregate marks in Gaelic throughout competitions A300, A305 and A306 (qualifiers); and they shared the prize for highest aggregate music marks in the same competitions – having scored equal points with Còisir Ghàidhlig Mhealbhaich    Avril Allen commended soprano singer Carol MacDonald, who sang a particularly difficult high note that caught the attention of the audience.