At the AGM of Hebridean Housing Partnership on 6 September 2017, a decision was made to donate £5,000 of its 2017/18 surplus to locally based charities.  On Friday 3 November 2107, Kevin Paterson, one of HHP’s Board Members presented £1,000 each to the following five locally based charities.

• Young Musicians Hebrides;
• Stornoway Phab;
• Western Isles Carers Support Network;
• Macmillan Nurses; and
• Westerns Isles Community Care Forum.

The charities receiving the donation were delighted with the funds and explained to HHP’s staff how the funds would be used.

Jane Grey (Young Musicians Hebrides), Liz Carmichael (Stornoway Phab), Fiona Macleod (Western Isles Carers Support Network), Agnes Macleod (Macmillan Nurses) and Peggy Mackay (Western Isles Community Care Forum) are pictured being presented with their cheques by Mr Kevin Paterson.