Today saw the launch of Scottish First Aid Week, the aim of which is to provide as many people as possible across Scotland with basic CPR skills, by way of demonstrations and 'hands-on' experience.

St Andrew's First Aid launched the week at Glasgow Airport at 10am today and invited Stornoway volunteers to coincide with them by kicking off the week with CPR demos at Stornoway airport.

As there are no arrivals or departures here at 10:00 on a Monday a couple of St Andrew’s First Aid volunteers took up their places just before 8am and stayed until lunch time.

St Andrew's in Stornoway will be doing CPR demos and inviting the public to participate in various locations between 25th and 30th November, starting at the craft market on Saturday 25th. They will also be in the Co-op and Tesco the same week. A hamper will also be raffled.

St Andrew’s First Aid offer special thanks to Duncan Smith, Stornoway Airport manager for permitting the launch to go ahead today.