The Outer Hebrides Chief Officer’s Group for Public Protection (COG) met this week following the tragic incident at The Nicolson Institute on Tuesday which saw the passing of S4 pupil, 15 year old Anton Michael.
In a statement issued today members of the COG - which comprises of senior officers from health, education and social work to co-ordinate public protection – said that they wish to convey their heartfelt sympathies to the family of Anton Michael at this safe time, and ask that the family's privacy be respected as they come to terms with their loss.
“The exceptional work done by staff from all agencies, especially school staff, is greatly appreciated by all,” continues the statement. “The staff were met with very difficult circumstances, but did everything humanly possible to save Anton.

“The death of a young person is felt throughout the whole of the Islands and beyond and our thoughts are with the pupils at the school and the wider community.”
The COG highlights the confidential 24 hours support line and counselling service – 01851 705600 – in place for any affected, adding : “We would encourage everyone to use this service or other support services that may already be available to them.”
The Chief Officer’s Group will no consider the requirement for any further review following this incident.