‘Dealanaich’ the youth group from Comunn na Gàidhlig’s ‘Iomairt Ghàidhlig Iar Thuath Leòdhais’ - West Side of Lewis Gaelic Initiative, won ‘Best youth group film’ at this year’s FilmG awards ceremony in Glasgow last Friday. 

This is the fifth time the Initiative has made it to the finals of this prestigious competition.

Shortlisted for “Best Youth Group Film” with their hilarious Lewis version of popular talent show, ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ called ‘Tàlant An Taobh Siar’ (Westside’s Got Talent).  The ever popular ‘Ant and Dec’ and judges were part of the show, with dubious talent acts preforming before receiving the judges’ verdict.

Because of the requirement of FilmG regulations to keep films being entered in the competition to a maximum of 5 minutes, the group, under the direction of Marina Murray worked hard on their parts, some small but effectively acted with 16 young people having a role in the film.

Marina Murray, the Iomairt officer, who runs the group said, “Whilst written, directed and produced by the Iomairt, we are indebted to many others for their assistance with the production – Sgoil An Taobh Siar for supporting the children learning their lines, parents and siblings for their co-operation, the set builders, camera and sound man and our editor for their patience and excellent work! 

"We would also like to thank Comunn na Gaidhlig and Bòrd na Gàidhlig for their continued support with the Iomairt.”

The group will continue to meet regularly throughout the year as part of the Iomairt’s youth work initiative, providing young people with an opportunity to use and progress their Gaelic outwith school, in their own community along with their friends and peers

The film is available to watch online on the FilmG websitewww.filmg.co.uk where you can also view all entries in this year’s competition.

In the picture, Janette Maciver from Sgoil an Taobh Siar, young actors representing the group Cailean Morrison, Ryan Maclean and Katie Morrison, Cathie ‘Bhàn’ Macdonald who presented the award, Marina Murray CnaG and Art Cormack, Fèisean nan Gàidheal who sponsored the award.