Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, Rhoda Grant, met with Bifab’s head of operations at Arnish, Neil Campbell, yesterday (Thursday February 15th) and learned that the widely reported threat of redundancy was, in fact, a cold reality.

The workforce has been issued with their termination notices effective today (Friday 16th) and the remaining management including Neil have been told they finish next Friday the 23rd.

Mrs Grant stated, “This is the harsh reality for the dedicated workforce of Arnish, despite the extremely high quality of workmanship completed to exacting precision and timescales, they have been extremely let down and find themselves out of work at a difficult time.

” It is time for immediate action to be taken to try and rescue what remains of this viable operation before it declines into a position that prevents it continuing.

The MSP continued, “I am calling on Economy Secretary Keith Brown to clarify the position urgently with regards to a potential buy out of Bifab. This has to happen now as the job losses are happening now and the last barge is leaving Arnish with last delivery”.

Rhoda concluded saying, “This is devastating given that there is such a highly skilled workforce here who have proved themselves time and again, along with an excellent location and that the potential of renewables, oil industry and general works available from a global market we need a deal that secures the future that this facility deserves.

"We need a company here that realises the potential and builds on that, not one that exploits it and closes it.”