People travelling by road between Stornoway, Point and the airport should allow plenty of time for their journeys today (Wednesday February 28th) because of extensive roadworks.

There are ramps and resurfacing works at the junction between Sandwick Road and Seaforth Road; work involving Openreach at the junction of the airport road and the Braighe Road; work under way on the road to the airport itself; and work at the airport where an additional paved area of car parking is being created.

There are areas with ramps and other preparations for resurfacing between Sandwick School and the Parkend Road end where a convoy system was in operation yesterday.

This morning this same system was in operation on the Aignish side of the Braighe to take traffic in a controlled way at 10mph past some more extensive road resurfacing works.

Travellers accustomed to 'cutting it fine' in their timings for getting to the airport should allow 10 minutes extra, some estimates suggest, depending on the flow of traffic.