An election to fill the member vacancies on The Stornoway Trust, occurring as a result of five Trustees coming to the end of their term of office, will be held on Tuesday 27th March 2018.

At the end of the statutory nomination withdrawal period, it is now known that 22 nominees will contest the five available seats and a list can be seen here ( )

In line with recent Trustee elections, the Trust has engaged the services of Electoral Reform Services Ltd (ERS) which will shortly issue postal ballot papers to all persons appearing on the Electoral Roll and living within the Stornoway Trust area who were 16 years of age or over by 1st March 2018.

A ballot box will also be available within the Estate Office from 8am to 8pm on the day of the Election to receive voting papers from electors unable to return the postal votes by the ERS receipt deadline of noon 27th March 2018.

Details of the Election, the candidates' names and their proposers will be included with the Ballot Papers, which the electorate should receive by Tuesday 20th March 2018 at the latest.

The postal votes will be counted by the ERS following the postal vote return deadline which will be highlighted on the Ballot Paper and voting papers deposited in the Ballot Box at the Estate Office by those not able to meet the postal return deadline, will be counted after 8.00pm in the Stornoway Town Hall on Polling Day, Tuesday 27th March.

At the counting of the votes the Candidate, Spouse/Partner, Agent (if any) and two Counting Agents may attend, but only the Candidate and the Counting Agents will be entitled to circulate at the Count to supervise the counting of the votes. Local media representatives may also be present at the count.

The total expenses which a Candidate is entitled to incur in connection with the campaign for election is £1,340.00 and expenses incurred by Candidates or their Agents are personal expenses and are not reimbursed by The Stornoway Trust.