The new Assessors Panel at the Crofting Commission

A new Assessors Panel has been appointed for the Crofting Commission, the organisation has announced today (Thursday, March 22nd).
The Assessor’s role is varied and includes passing on information locally relevant to crofting, being able to signpost crofting to the services offered by the Commission and to also provide to the Commission any relevant information on matters which might arise in their own areas.
Crofting Commission Convener, Rod Mackenzie, said: “The Commission is pleased to welcome a new panel of Assessors.

“The Assessors have been appointed to work for the Commission and for crofting as a whole. Each Assessor will bring with them a different skill set and their own particular skills can be utilised for the benefit of crofting in all crofting areas.”
He continued: “My fellow Commissioners and I look forward to working with the new Assessors, who have been appointed until the Spring of 2023 and are based in areas between Shetland down to Argyll.
“Our panel of 23 volunteers will provide a highly valued link between the Commission and crofting communities and we are keen to see this strengthened through the appointment of this panel.”
Mr Mackenzie added: “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing panel of Assessors.
“We are very grateful to them for all the time and commitment they have shown to the Commission over the years and I’d like to wish them all the very best for the future.”