Young and old enjoyed the recent Stornoway Primary visit to the Thursday Lunch Club at the Retirement Centre.  All Photos: Rod Huckbody Photographic

A lot of inter-generational fun was had recently when Stornoway Primary’s Class 4 visited Lewis Retirement Centre to chat with members of the Thursday Club.
And Primary pupil Emily Macleod, aged 8, was also presented with the Volunteer Centre Callanish Award during the visit.
Taking place every Thursday from 12pm to 2pm at the Retirement Centre on Bayhead, Stornoway, the Thursday Lunch club offers members a chance to socialise and to have a freshly prepared three course lunch.
Organised by Volunteer Centre Development Worker Bellann O’Brien, the Class 4 visit saw youngsters speak to the older generation before lunch, telling them about their school project, which included learning about toys from the past.

The children asked questions about what toys were in the playground, how much toys cost, and what toys the services users got for Christmas in times gone by; as one lady, aged 78, said: “We had no money for toys like there is today, we played on the sand dunes, with a top horse, a ball that we would hit off the wall while singing, and Rounders out on the street until it got dark and we were called in by our parents.”
Commenting on the success of the visit, teacher Catherine Murray said: “The children had a fantastic time. It was so lovely to see the children yarning to the older ladies and gentlemen.
“They really did get a lot out of it. We chatted about it after and it was so funny hearing them say ‘Peggy told me… Donald was saying…’ – it seemed as if they had known them for years!”

The visit also saw Stornoway Primary pupil Emily Macleod presented with the Volunteer Centre Callanish Award which recognises Under 12s participation with volunteering.
Emily is a keen volunteer at the centre, visiting regularly when she is on holiday from school. The service users enjoy having Emily visit and the award is a big thank you for her valued contribution to the Centre.

Emily was presented her Award by Donald McKee
The Volunteer Centre, Western Isles, are committed to actively encouraging, supporting and promoting volunteering with individuals, groups and organisations within the community.
Donald Mckee, Chair of Stornoway Old People’s Welfare Association, who run the Retirement Centre, said: “Volunteering is fun! You get to meet all sorts of people, young and old, and help the community in many different ways.
“It doesn’t feel like work if you enjoy doing it. I would encourage everyone to volunteer, there are plenty volunteering opportunities out there.”
For more information about volunteering, please contact Volunteer Centre Western Isles on 01851 700366, or emailThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
And to find out more about membership to the Thursday Lunch Club – transport to which can be arranged for those who need it – please call Donald McKee on (01851) 820657 or mobile 07747166758.