Maternity staff from Western Isles Hospital recently hosted an afternoon tea for members of a local knitting group, who donate knitted garments to the Maternity Department for a number of years.

The knitting club, based in Trust Housing on Matheson Road in Stornoway, knit hats, gloves, boots and cardigans for the department; all much appreciated by local mums and babies, especially premature babies who need to be kept extra cosy because of their inability to regulate their own temperatures.

Some of the knitting is also donated to the neonatal transport team who come to collect premature or ill babies from the Western Isles that require further treatment in a specialist mainland unit. They always appreciate the supply as they use so many hats and blankets on a daily basis during transfers.

NHS Western Isles Head of Midwifery, Catherine Macdonald said: “We wanted to thank the ladies for their very generous support and thought that an afternoon tea with some mums and babies who have benefited from their donations would be good. Our special guest babies all enjoyed the company of their new friends. Among them were baby Hafsa, born at 24 weeks, and our Cairn twins who were born at 33 weeks.

“Maternity staff also enjoyed their afternoon out and thanked the residents for their work. Also thanks to the kirk care staff for supporting us with our tea party.”

NHS Western Isles would also like to thank many other women in the community who kindly donate knitted garments: some from Gress, Back, Tong and Stornoway.