Norman A MacIver has been elected to chair the Stornoway Trust.

On Tuesday 3rd April 2018 Trustees of the Stornoway Trust attended the statutory post Election meeting of Trustees, convened to formally declare and accept the five recently elected Trustees and to appoint a Chairperson for the next three years.

On declaring the five successful Trustees, namely Murdo F Campbell, Norman A Maciver, Donald A Macleod, Catriona Murray and Donald I Nicholson, who will now serve with the four existing Trustees, the Factor, Iain M Maciver, sought nomination for the position of Chairperson from those present.

Norman A Maciver was elected on a motion proposed by Past Chairman Calum Maclean, seconded by Alex J Murray. In the absence of a counter motion, Mr Maciver, who takes up his third term as a Trustee, expressed his gratitude for the unanimous support that he had received and paid tribute to his predecessor Trustee Calum Maclean for his labours during what was a very challenging and time-demanding period of office.

He said that he was looking forward to what he believes could be a very exciting period for the Trust across a variety of issues and that he was confident that the Trust was now well equipped to move forward with the best interests of the community at heart.