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Alasdair Allan MSP with Kate Amos of PlusZero

Hydrogen power is becoming more of a reality every day in the Western Isles.  

Energy from hydrogen is seen as a growing attraction compared to battery-based electric power – some critics say the amount of carbon generated by creating electric cars, for instance, almost outweighs the gain from replacing the use of oil.  

Alasdair Allan MSP this week welcomed green hydrogen innovation and expansion in the islands, working with clean power innovator PlusZero.  

PlusZero’s zero-carbon generators are powered by green hydrogen from renewable electricity on the Western Isles, and in partnership with Comhairle nan Eilean Siar and UHI Outer Hebrides, the company has recently secured funding from the Scottish Government’s Emerging Energies Technology Fund (EETF) to power up green hydrogen production at Comhairle nan Eilean Siar's Creed Park, Stornoway - creating new facilities for hands-on hydrogen technology training and next generation electrolyser research and field testing. 

He sponsored a three-day exhibition in the Scottish Parliament where PlusZero demonstrated its “ready to go” green hydrogen solution which can be deployed in a vast range of applications – including events, construction, outdoor filming and the industrial sector.  

Launched in 2021, PlusZero provided clean power for big-name performers including Damon Albarn and Anna Meredith at the Edinburgh International Festival in 2021, and in 2022 PlusZero’s innovative green hydrogen generator powered the Islands Stage for the duration of the HebCelt Festival.

At the event in the Scottish Parliament on 13-15 June, PlusZero discussed opportunities to replace the use of greenhouse gas-emitting diesel generators with MSPs from across Scotland.

Dr Alasdair Allan, MSP for Na h-Eileanan an Iar said: “Hydrogen has an important role to play in Scotland’s journey to becoming a net zero economy. It’s fantastic to see this kind of investment from PlusZero in the Western Isles’ green energy future.

 “I was delighted to support PlusZero’s exhibition as an important opportunity for my colleagues to hear about how this kind of innovation can be built upon to help Scotland achieve its vital emission reduction goals.”

“There is going to be a range of opportunities for green hydrogen production and it’s exciting to think of the Western Isles being at the forefront of development.”  

Founder and Managing Director of PlusZero, David Amos, said: “There is great potential in green hydrogen as a versatile and clean alternative to polluting fuel sources - rapidly accelerating Scotland’s transition to a net-zero future.

“We were delighted to speak with MSPs from across Scotland this week about PlusZero’s plans to unlock the full promise of island-produced renewable energy by transforming it into green hydrogen - a near limitless, carbon zero, pollution-free source of fuel for the 21st century - and deploy across in a range of uses such as outdoor events, construction and industry.

“Working with local representatives and our events partners, we are hugely excited to utilise our ready-to-go solution and make hydrogen happen at a number of high-profile carbon-zero events throughout 2023 and future years.”

PlusZero says its Green Hydrogen from the Western Isles provides a carbon-zero, pollution-free source of fuel for the 21st century.

PlusZero uses surplus electricity produced by local renewable wind power to split water into hydrogen and oxygen using a process called electrolysis. This captures renewable energy that would otherwise be lost (as the sun doesn’t always shine or wind always blow). PlusZero therefore unlocks the full promise of renewable energy.

PlusZero then uses this Green Hydrogen to fuel hydrogen combustion engines, giving customers clean power wherever they need it. PlusZero has been powering outdoor events since early 2021, and is increasing its hydrogen generator range to meet the varied demand for clean portable power in the events, outdoor filming, construction and industrial sectors.

Meanwhile Alasdair Allan came under fire from the Western Isles Labour Party over his stance on Scottish ferries.  He was condemned for his “craven” vote against his constituents’ plea for support over the ferry crisis.

Donald John MacSween, chair of the Western Isles Labour Party, slammed the SNP MSP for “putting party before islanders” by voting against a motion to set up a resilience fund to help island businesses.

Mr Allan joined other SNP and Green MSPs in Holyrood on Wednesday to vote against a Labour plan to set up a resilience fund for businesses  affected by  by the cancellation of the Lochboisdale ferry for the second month this year.

Mr MacSween said: “This is a staggering case of Alistair Allan once again putting party loyalty ahead of his duty to the islands.  Voters will make up their own minds but this is craven behaviour that points out once again that Mr Allan is the SNP’s man in the Hebrides not the islands’ man in parliament.”