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Bolette and Azamara Pursuit

Stornoway harbour saw the arrival of the next two cruise ships of the season with Bolette of Fred Olsen Cruises, and the maiden call of Azamara Pursuit.

Both ships are making use of the outer anchorage capabilities of the harbour for the day (Tuesday 18 July).

With a depth of 17m and no limit to the size of vessel, this remains a popular destination for cruise ships exploring the Outer Hebrides and Northern Isles until the expected completion of the deep water terminal in 2024. 

Azamara Pursuit (pictured above), operated by Azamara Cruises, is on a 14 day route from Copenhagen to Dublin, stopping off in Stornoway on its way to Oban. With a maximum passenger capacity of 700, it can hold less than half the number of its current harbour neighbour.  

Bolette (pictured above), which was refurbished earlier this year, returns to Stornoway as part of a 10 day cruise. Starting in Newcastle, Bolette, is stationed in Stornoway before arriving in Belfast on Thursday (20 July) and finishing back in Newcastle on 25 July.