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The newly-constituted Na h-Eileanan an Iar Constituency Branch of the SNP met for the first time on Wednesday night (August 30), electing a new committee.

The new team says it is looking forward to making the case for Independence at the next election, as the process for candidate selection continues. 

Vice-Chair of the Branch Angus MacDonald said:  “Never has the choice facing us been so stark: a fair and forward-looking Scotland or a moribund UK, kept back by low growth, high inflation, Brexit and iniquitous taxation and spending policies, whether delivered by Tory or Labour parties. 

“In the Western Isles and throughout Scotland, we should be very wary of a Labour Party promising all things to all voters and look instead at their unprincipled shift to the right as they desperately try to make themselves electable in England’s Tory-voting constituencies. 

“Keir Starmer and Anas Sarwar are competing to see who can make the more policy U-turns, whether that be on public spending, Universal Credit, progressive taxation or the Two Child benefit cap. 

“And we always need to remember that Labour, just like the Tories, are now cheerleaders for a Brexit disaster which has been so deeply damaging here in the Western Isles.” 

Newly elected branch Chair, Councillor Susan Thomson, thanked the out-going Office Bearers for their stalwart work over many years and said: “Only a vote for the SNP can deliver real change in Scotland.”