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Children’s entertainer Artie Trezise made it third time lucky at the weekend, when he was finally able to bring his Singing Kettle show to the Western Isles after two failed attempts at crossing from Glasgow in poor weather.

As compensation for earlier disappointments for audience members young and old, Artie offered three shows at An Lanntair on Saturday (18 November), with plenty of singalong silliness and a surprising number of kettles.

Artie’s first planned visit in May was scuppered by low cloud as the plane reached Stornoway, and his second attempt in June was even worse, with four unsuccessful attempts at landing on two consecutive flights.

But both Loganair and An Lanntair pulled out the stops to get him re-booked and audiences rewarded his persistence with three sold-out shows after a happy landing in Stornoway on Friday.

Artie brought the beloved show to An Lanntair. Photograph: Artie Trezise

Artie told “After three re-schedules and countless flights and failed landings I made it to the Hebrides. The reaction, from both the adults and children, was superb. 

“It was funny to hear that the adults knew the rhyme ‘spout, handle, lid of metal, what's inside the Singing Kettle?’ better than their children. 

“It was my first time in Stornoway for years and years. The restaurants served beautiful, homely fare, exactly what I like.  

“I was able to hear Gaelic psalm-singing live for the very first time, as a guest at the Free Church Seminary on Sunday morning, and had the unusual experience of a piper warming up for a recital right outside my hotel room.  

“Lews Castle was another surprise and I met many of my audience members around the fantastic walks out there on Sunday afternoon.”

An Lanntair’s staff were similarly enthusiastic about the long-awaited appearance of Artie and his Singing Kettle, saying: “It was great to finally have Artie and the Singing Kettle on stage – a fantastic show which had some of his biggest fans in the audience, singing their hearts out to his silly songs, having the time of their lives. The kids enjoyed it too!”

The kettles eventually managed to get a flight to Lewis. Photograph: Artie Trezise

Artie’s enjoyable experience with audiences and in the town has got him thinking about a return. He said: “I have had a number of emails from audience members asking me to come back again and I'm starting to make plans. 

“I'm not sure how the logistics of island-hopping all the way down to Barra would work out, but I'm going to see if something can be worked out.”

Meanwhile, he said: “Please convey my thanks to everyone who helped me navigate your lovely town.”

The pictures show Artie and his kettle on stage at An Lanntair and during their numerous weary attempts to get from Glasgow airport to Stornoway (Artie Trezise).