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The Scottish Government is turning its back on the people of Barra and Vatersay in the way it's refusing to upgrade hospital services, while blaming others for creating this crisis.

That's the view of Rhoda Grant, the Labour MSP for the Highlands and Islands. She said yesterday (Wednesday November 22) that:

“I recently received a disappointing response to a letter that I wrote to the Scottish Government Cabinet Secretary for NHS Recovery, Health and Social Care regarding new health care facilities in Barra and Vatersay.

“Barra has long been in urgent need of new and improved health care facilities with the current hospital being deemed unfit for purpose 15 years ago, so it is shocking that the Cabinet Secretary appeared to place the blame on the Comhairle for not identifying alternative plans, despite it being the Government that has scuppered the Comhairle’s plans.

"He further blamed the level of capital funding from the UK Government.

“This SNP Government is now so lacking ideas that they expect the local council and health boards to solve their problems for them and seek to avoid scrutiny by blaming the UK Government at every opportunity.

“It is deeply disappointing that the Government seem to have walked away from their commitment to deliver health care facilities on Barra and have failed to make resources available for improvements to be implemented by the Comhairle.

“I will continue to represent the interests of the communities of Barra and Vatersay in the Scottish Parliament as I seek to hold the Government to account on this matter.”