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A new football comedy show, Andrew Mensah’s Stand-up Kickabout, launches tomorrow (Friday, December 8) with a visit to Eriskay FC.

The Eriskay team, which collects vastly more publicity and international exposure than silverware, is the first of four clubs the comedian will tour to find out what makes them tick.

The other three clubs on the itinerary are Sheffield FC, the world’s first football club; Llantwit Major AFC in South Wales; and Mousehole AFC in Cornwall.

In each episode, he meets players, fans and volunteers at the clubs to discover what football means to them, their sacrifices for their club and their common love of the beautiful game.

The series enables Mensah to combine his two greatest passions, football and stand-up comedy, by putting four of the UK’s unique and most interesting football clubs into the spotlight.

See the trailer here.

Eriskay FC, Outer Hebrides - Friday 8 December, 22:30, TNT Sports 1 / discovery+