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Stornoway police are asking for information from festive revellers after reports that people were made ill by substances placed in their drinks on Saturday night (9 December).

Police were called soon after 1am on Sunday after three people reported symptoms during pre-Christmas celebrations in licensed premises in Stornoway town centre.

Of the three who reported feeling ill, one was subsequently taken to hospital by ambulance and two others were reportedly also taken to hospital by their own family members.

Now police want to hear from anyone else who may have experienced symptoms, or from anyone who saw anything untoward during their night out on Saturday.

People with information should call the non-emergency number 101, quoting incident number PS20231210-0212.

The Outer Hebrides Alcohol and Drug Partnership (OHADP) later said: "Nationally, there has been publicity on spiking, where a person gives alcohol or other drugs to someone else without their consent. This could be done by buying double measures or plying someone with drink when they are already under the influence. 

“Drug spiking, using ketamine or cocaine, can be very dangerous when mixed with alcohol, as the person can become unresponsive and could overdose. Signs to look out for include confusion, loss of co-ordination, slurred speech, and vomiting. 

“Less common is spiking by needle. However, if you suspect you or someone you know has been attacked with a needle, alert the venue manager, contact the police immediately and don’t leave the person alone. 

“Monitor them and, if they deteriorate, please call an ambulance or take them to the nearest emergency department. 

“Spiking is an offence, and anyone charged with this crime could face a prison sentence. "


(This story has been updated with further information provided by parents and by OHADP since first being published.)