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A romantic portrait of newlyweds from Lewis has seen Stornoway photographer Sandie Maciver win top position in the UK wedding awards for photographers, an industry competition run by and for photographers.

Sandie’s puddle reflection from a cold December wedding has been placed top in their January showcase, inspiring other photographers to look for the unusual in the everyday.

Judges said: “Your achievement is a testament to your exceptional talent and dedication in the field of wedding photography.

“As professionals who share a passion for capturing life's most significant moments, we are inspired by your work.”

Sandie was the photographer of choice for Gaelic TV performer Rachel Kennedy and her husband Jordan when they were married on New Year’s Eve 2022.

After the wedding itself, on a freezing cold day, Sandie led the couple to the beach in Back and took numerous shots in the dunes, until it was obvious everyone was too cold to carry on.

But it was on the way back that Sandie demonstrated what sets some photographers apart, as she spotted the unique opportunity which has now won her an award.

Sandie told today (Monday 12 February): “It was getting dark as we were heading back and I was looking at the sky and seeing the colours starting to come, so I said stop, and positioned them in front of a puddle.

“I set up the flash and went down on my knees in the freezing mud, and that’s where we got the shot.”

Despite being embarrassed at all the fuss generated by her recognition, Sandie says she is very pleased about the photo itself.

She said: “This is one of my favourite photos from recent weddings. Rachel and Jordan’s wedding was on a very cold New Year’s Eve, and I would like to thank them for being so lovely and braving the cold while I got on knees to take this shot.”

Sharing the news of Sandie’s acclaim, Rachel said she was “Absolutely delighted for Sandie winning a National UK photography award for this picture she took of us on our wedding day.

“We always thought she was award winning, but she’s now got the award to prove it!

“Sandie made our wedding truly magical, capturing moments we will treasure whilst making us laugh all day. Sandie you really are the best!”

The pictures show the award-winning shot, the scene before it was lit and set up by Sandie and the photographer, bride and groom getting warmed up again after the shoot (