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Two Studio Vans staff members have been interviewed for an online feature about using Gàidhlig in their Benbecula workplace.

The duo, Raghnall Maccoinnich and Finlay Davison discuss their experiences of workplace Gàidhlig at Studio Vans, a relatively new company based in Balivanich that specialises in modular campervan kits and conversions. 

While Raghnall, the workshop manager, is a native speaker who has used Gaelic in various settings throughout his working life, it has been more of a challenge for Finlay (above) as a learner.

Speaking about his relationship to Gaelic, Raghnall said: “I have spoken it for my whole life. I learnt English when I went to secondary school. My four kids speak Gàidhlig and though they don’t use it as often as I’d wish, they are fluent.”

“I use Gàidhlig a bit in the workplace, particularly to customers with Gàidhlig and I try to teach my colleagues who are learning. It isn’t used as much as I’d like but it is improving based mainly on the fact that my colleagues are getting more proficient.”

“It’s a fantastic language to enjoy the “craic” as the Irish say, the sayings, proverbs lend themselves to having fun in the workplace particularly in less formal settings. I worked a summer at a fish farm and I doubt I spoke a word of English all summer, at work, in the pub, playing football etc and I look back fondly on that time.”

“It should be celebrated and it should be normalised in all environments. The BBC Alba football commentary has helped achieve this but nearly everybody in this country encounters Gàidhlig in the place names and they should be celebrated, explained and pronounced in Gàidhlig.”

You can read their full interviews on the Developing the Young Workforce Outer Hebrides Facebook page.