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Thomas Waibel in An Taigh Cèilidh accepting the donation

Stornoway's An Taigh Cèilidh has donated Gaelic Bibles to the Bible Collection in a German museum as part of its work in building the international reputation of the Gaelic language.

An Taigh Cèilidh has been open on Kenneth Street/Church Street, Stornoway for over a year now, and they say their  mission to make Gaelic an international language has been coming along well.

In December 2023, they launched Gaelic Scrabble, and orders came in from around the world.  "We count Canada, Ireland, Switzerland, Slovenia, USA, and New Zealand among the countries that we sent Gaelic Scrabbles to.

"At our fortnightly Saturday ceilidh yesterday (24 February), we had visitors from Australia, England, Germany, and Colombia.

"Now, we have established a meaningful and lifelong connection with the Schenkbarches Haus Museum in Biedenkopf, Germany."

An Taigh Cèilidh receives regular donations from the community connected to Gaelic, and they often buy Gaelic books from local charity shops in Stornoway.

In 2023, a German visitor to the islands came into An Taigh Cèilidh to ask where they could purchase a Holy Bible in Scottish Gaelic to add to a collection of Bibles in Germany. "It just so happened that we had recently received a box of Scottish Gaelic Bibles.

"The Schenkbarches Haus Museum near Frankfurt has an extensive collection of Bibles from around the world and in many different languages.

"Now, both the Schenkbarches Haus Museum and An Taigh Cèilidh are proud to announce that the German collection now contains three Scottish Gaelic Bibles, all of which were donated by An Taigh Cèilidh."

Earlier this month, An Taigh Cèilidh received a letter and a selection of photos thanking us for the donation of three different sized Gaelic Bibles. The museum is well-equipped to look after these precious books that have so much meaning for the Isle of Lewis.

Thomas Waibel in An Taigh Cèilidh (2023) accepting the donation of three Holy Bibles in Scottish Gaelic