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A sometimes overlooked aspect of the Marloch migration a century ago is the family members left behind in the Southern Isles.

One such example is Michael MacPhee, who was not permitted to board the Marloch with the rest of his family in March of 1924 due to illness. He was left behind and never made it across the Atlantic.

Now, a family member in Alberta, Christina Tanguay, has appealed to the South Uist community for information.

She writes in the South Uist Appreciation Society Facebook group: “The picture belonged to his sister Chrissie; it is the only photo we have of him…Aside from this photo and vague memories of letters in Gaelic sent between his mother, Kate Buchanan MacPhee and his sister, Chrissie, his life is shrouded in mystery. Not much information was passed to the next generation.”

It was only very recently that they learnt he had died in an accident on June 9, 1953, in Inveraray, thanks to another group member posting a newspaper obituary for Michael's brother, Angus.

The only other information Michael’s Canadian relatives know is that he worked for the Forestry Commission at Ardbrecknish, Dalmally.

Adds Christina: “This is a long shot, but does anyone in the group have any other details? This would mean a lot to his nieces in Alberta.”