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The complex reality of life for young parents and their children is being explored tonight (Monday February 26) as BBC ALBA shares insights into what it’s really like for young Scottish people becoming first-time parents, both in the past and present, in a new documentary, Pàrantan Òga | Young Parents.

Delving into the challenges of teenage pregnancy and the realities facing young parents, the documentary uncovers complexities and preconceptions - and how perceptions have shifted in recent years.

Viewers will follow the story of Lewis-man David Morrison, who had his life turned upside down with a dramatic discovery about his own upbringing.

After the revelation that the woman he believed to be his elder sister was in fact his biological mother, David goes on a journey of self-discovery to understand his childhood – from being born in a Glasgow hospital for unmarried mothers, to finding his father. David attended Lews Castle School and has for many years been associated with Community Radio stations Isles FM. 

With statistics showing that young parenthood is at an all-time low, the programme gives a personal insight into the experiences of Edinburgh-based Eilidh and her partner Calum, who found out they were expecting a baby at 19 years-old.

Adapting to this new chapter, Eilidh and Calum share their journey throughout pregnancy, outlining how important support from their own parents has been for the couple and their hopes for the future, to the present day as a family of three; discovering the support services available to young parents along the way.

Produced by Stornoway-based MacTV, Pàrantan Òga | Young Parents (airing on Monday 26 February at 9pm), is the latest documentary in BBC ALBA’s flagship Trusadh series.

Producer, Ann Morrison, says: “This programme has a lot of surprising twists and turns – and sheds a light on the rollercoaster of emotion which comes alongside that.  The very personal stories shared offer very different experiences and show the contrast from past to present day, with an insight into the challenges across the decades.

“It was important for us to recognise the level of support available to young people today and Eilidh really shines a spotlight on the services which can help guide young people through parenthood today.”

Trusadh – Pàrantan Òga | Young Parents will premiere on BBC ALBA and iPlayer on Monday 26 February at 9pm (in Gaelic with English subtitles). Watch live or on demand: