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As a ribbon was being cut to open the new Lochmaddy Pier yesterday (Monday, February 26), legal action by the operator of Lochmaddy Marina was simmering in the background.

The marina has been closed since last September after dredging operations for the new harbour infrastructure dragged the pontoons five metres eastward, flipped it over and caused “several hundred thousand £s” of damage.

Lochmaddy Marina Ltd (LM) maintain that they did not agree to the dredging works without the provision of an anchor reinstatement plan, which they say was never provided.

According to Lochmaddy Marina Ltd (LM), they received a text from the main contractor saying the dredge had commenced and the marina would be unaffected.

Three engineering companies were contracted to carry out the pier improvement works. They were, say, Lochmaddy Marina Ltd (LM), meant to locate and remove the marina’s anchors clear of the dredge area with the help of a local dive company and the main contractor’s workboat.

A spokesperson for Lochmaddy Marina Ltd (LM) writing in the company's blog after the opening ceremony which they attended: “We remain now in the hands of the various solicitors when it would be much simpler in our view for reinstatement costs to be paid, and we can all move on. 

“The fact that a small community marina that was just starting to improve post-COVID years has been damaged in such a manner - with no liability admitted or offers to repair is, I feel, staggering and a real shame for the users of the marina and for tourism.

"Let’s see where this ends up, and I appeal to the better nature of all involved; however, five months on, it is wearing a bit thin.”

They continued that it was “very lucky” that no one was killed or maimed when the pontoon flipped over.

Four active directors are recorded for Lochmaddy Marina Ltd (LM). They are Scott Roland Apsey, George MacDonald, and Rachel Morrison, with correspondence addresses listed as 5 South Charlotte Street, Edinburgh, and Roderick MacKillop Nicholson, of Strumore, North Uist.

Image credit: Lochmaddy Marina