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The Western Isles has been ranked eighth in a poll of the best places in the UK to survive an apocalyptic event such as an alien invasion or zombie attack.

Taking the top spot as prime apocalypse real estate with a score of 74.04 was the Scottish Highlands, due to its low population density, a major factor in navigating post-apocalyptic life.

Five of the top ten places were in Scotland, with the top performing islands being Orkney in third place, with a ranking of 69.74 out of a possible 130.

Languishing in a perhaps surprising eighth place, given recent ferry travails, was the Western Isles, with a score of 65.60.

The study, conducted by online casino JeffBet, measured 13 criteria across each UK region, including population density and the availability of survival resources, to determine the UK areas best and worst suited for surviving an apocalypse.

The study examined the availability of freshwater lakes, supermarkets, and grocery shops and the number of outlets selling hunting, fishing, and outdoor supplies. Also in the mix was the number of hardware stores, garages, medical centres, and other valuable survival amenities.

The densely populated London borough of Lewisham was the worst place to seek refuge from zombies or aliens.

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