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A new book swap club has opened in Carloway, following a bequest from the family of a Carloway man who passed away recently.

Before his sudden death in 2023, retired computer technician Tim Harris was a regular customer in Carloway Community Shop, where he was known as a quiet, pleasant gentleman who liked photography.

Since his passing, his brother has revealed the extent of his avid reading – which led to the decision to open a book swap with some of his huge collection of new-condition volumes.

The family have donated three of Tim’s bookcases, now located in Carloway shop’s cafe area, gallery snug and laundry, with good-as-new books available to take free of charge.

You can add to the collection with your own good quality books if you wish, and there are also donation tins for the Leanne Fund, Carloway Community Association and Bethesda Hospice if you would like to make a donation.

Shop manager Mercer told “Tim was a regular customer of ours and fairly new to living up here, but his brother said that he has ‘finally found his resting place’ in Carloway.

“He left literally thousands of books, many of which look as if they have been read once and then carefully put on the shelf, so that they are in fantastic condition.

“I feel Tim would have been pleased his books were going to good use and we won't charge anything for people to take or swap a book. If they want to leave a wee donation in one of the three charity tins they can, but there is no obligation.”

The picture shows one of Tim’s bookshelves full of almost-new reading matter and staff member Inga getting stuck into one of the books in the café (Carloway Community Shop).