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Colin Corrigan, a cast member of the groundbreaking reality show Castaway, has died at the age of 70.

Colin Corrigan was one of a 36-strong group of adults and eight children selected for the BBC show, which aired 24 years ago, making a star of Ben Fogle, who later carved out a career as a TV presenter.

Colin, a butcher, joined the cast along with his wife Julia and his then seven-year-old daughter Natasha. He made a name for himself by outsmarting the show’s producer by persuading a local boat to drop off wine and cigarettes, which had been banned.

He died on Sunday, March 24, after suffering a stroke.

He is survived by his wife, their four children and five grandchildren.

The show left a lasting impression on the couple. After leaving Taransay, they lived off-grid in South Wales for six years.

Ben Fogle, keen to see a reboot of the pioneering reality show, has said Colin made friends everywhere he went, was one of the most popular Castaways, and would be widely missed.

Before his death, Colin requested that some of his ashes be spread on Taransay.

Over the years, several Castaways have made return visits to Taransay. They plan to return there for a 25th-anniversary reunion next year and open the time capsule Colin buried on the island.

Image credit: Philiy Page