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The Free Church of Scotland’s 2024 General Assembly got underway last night in Edinburgh, presided over by Moderator Rev Callum Macleod from Lewis.

The General Assembly will take place in St Columba’s at the top of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile until Thursday (May 23).

Point-born Rev Macleod was appointed Assistant Clerk of the General Assembly in May 2015, becoming Principal Clerk of the General Assembly in May 2016 and is still serving in that capacity.   

The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body within the Free Church. Its first sitting was in 1843. During these assemblies, presbyteries discuss regular business and sometimes make historic decisions that have implications for future generations. The General Assembly is now in its 180th year.

The King has approved that HRH Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh, be appointed His Majesty’s Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly. The Duke of Edinburgh is due to make a speech to the General Assembly on Wednesday.

The Lord High Commissioner first addressed the General Assembly in 1925. The position has a reduced role within proceedings, largely maintaining a symbolic connection between the secular and sacred through the Free Church’s adherence to the Establishment Principle. 

Public viewings of the assembly will be live streamed on the Free Church website.