Pop down to the Fisherman's Co-op to find all you need to make the most of the summer weather by the sea.

Choose from a large range of wet-suits for adults and children, along with neoprene boots, hoods and gloves. Just what is needed for splashing around in Hebridean waters - for extra fun grab a body board and hit the waves!

 And for those wanting something more relaxing where they don't have to get wet; grab some fishing gear. The Fisherman's Co-op has all the lures, hooks, lines and rods you may need whether your aiming to catch Mackeral and Cuddies from the rocks or heading out for some deep water fishing, the staff are on-hand to advise what's best suited. 

If fishing is not your thing pop in to Harbour Seafood's for some fresh Herring and Mackeral, whole or filleted. Delicious and easy to cook!