Wearing a life jacket or buoyancy aid is a must when out on the water, especially for children. Even on a calm sunny day you can end up falling in.

The Fisherman's Co-op has a full range of foam filled children's buoyancy aids and life jackets in bright colours - perfect for paddling at the beach, kayaking or out on a boat. These are designed to keep the child afloat without them having to do anything to activate it, no chords to pull, and they can be dried off and used again and again.

There is also a wide selection for adults with fully automatic life jackets (which automatically inflate when hit the water and have the back up pull chord), perfect for safety out on a boat and comfortable to wear, or foam lifejackets and buoyancy aids for kayaking or other water sports - these can go in the water again and again without servicing.


What is the difference between a life jacket and a buoyancy aid? 

There can be some confusion on the difference between a life jacket and a buoyancy aid because both are designed to help you float, however most buoyancy aids are literally an aid to keep you buoyant or afloat in the water. Buoyancy aids cannot be guaranteed to turn an unconscious body over and it will not support your body in the water. Buoyancy aids are perfect for coastal or inland waters when going water skiing, kayaking, tubing or other water sports, when the wearer is in sight of the shoreline and will be continuously in and out of the water.

Life jackets are literally life saving devices which fully support you in the water. Lifejackets, if properly fitted and in good condition, are designed to keep you afloat face up and your airways clear of water, even if you are unconscious or injured. Foam life jackets have to have 150 Newtons of buoyancy and a full collar to support your head and neck, they should be able to right a unconscious casualty if they are face down in the water. A Lifejacket is needed if going off-shore or a distance from the coastline, perfect for boats when your not expecting to go in the sea. 

To find the right product for you just ask in store.