Living in the Hebrides one thing that comes with winter is gales, which can lead to power cuts. Last week saw the first major loss of power of the season so it's time to make sure you are prepared.

The Fisherman's Co-op have all you need for when the electric goes off:

  • Portable gas stove - from simple gas burners to boil a kettle on to double grills to cook on, easy to store for emergencies so you can still make an essential cup of tea and won't go hungry.
  • Battery powered lamps - we all keep a few candles in a drawer just in case but a camping lamp is much brighter and can be safely carried around to light up what your doing.
  • Hot water bottles - yes they even have hot water bottles with a variety of covers! when the heating goes off simply boil some water on your camp stove and fill it up to keep warm and toasty.
  • Much more - you can also find long johns and winter thermals, torches, hats, gloves, winter jackets and much more in stock.