The Fishermen's Co-op is still open for business.

If you are self isolatingĀ or looking for something to get on with while not socialising then why not head out in to the garden or shed and get some of those jobs you've been meaning to do done! Or do some DIY round the house.

There is a vast array of hardwearing paints for boats, metal, wood and fibreglass, various exterior varnishes and wood protectors, brushes, tools and all the polishes and cleaners you could need in the Fishermen's Co-op. They also have loads of cleaning products, mops, buckets and gloves if you decide to do a spring clean.

Or maybe you are looking for a way to relax, in which case go grab a fishing rod and some hooks and lures. You can find a remote coastal spot and catch some fish for supper - especially handy if the shop shelves are still empty. As long as you remain at least the recommended distance from others there is no reason not to enjoy the fresh sea air while we see what happens with COVID-19. We would recommend you let someone know where you are going if you go out fishing by yourself.