When nine-year-old Angus Campbell found a message in a bottle on the island of Pabbay in April, little did he know the amazing chain of events he had set in motion.

The message was from another little boy, from the Faroe Islands, and had been sent in 2012.

It read: “Hey, my name is Samuel. I have four brothers, two older, two younger. I like to play with my friends and like going to school. I hope someone finds this and writes me back.”

The bottle had travelled over 360 miles to reach Pabbay, where Angus and his dad Raymond, who live in Strond, were on lambing duties.

Angus’s mum, Kathryn, said: “Angus found the bottle in a river behind the house on Pabbay. 

“He was chuffed as anything, and wrote a letter to Samuel using the PO box in the message, but he didn’t get any reply.”

Things took a turn this week however, when a Faroese lifeboat crew visited the Western Isles, stopping off in Leverburgh as part of their tour.

Angus’s cousin David is a member of the Leverburgh RNLI team, and he saw an opportunity to present Angus and his message in a bottle to the crew. 

Astonishingly, the Faroese crew not only knew the area where Samuel was from, one of them lived on that very street!

“Angus was absolutely delighted,” said Kathryn.

“He got his photos taken with the Faroese crew, and they said they were going to put it in their own newspaper when they got back.

“They showed him round the boat, and they really couldn’t have been nicer to him.

“They told him that the message would have been sent as part of a water festival that is held in their country each year.”

Angus is now eagerly awaiting contact with Samuel, and the Faroese crew have vowed to make this happen soon. 

Pics show Angus on Pabbay with his message, and meeting the Faroese lifeboat crew in Leverburgh.