"Still Life – The Panto Years" reviewed by Sarah Helfrich and Megan Macdougall


On the 14th of December 2015, Sir E Scott School held their annual pantomime. The title was “Still Life – The Panto Years!”

The script was based on the Isle of Harris distillery and several of the characters were based on workers at the distillery too!

During the performance there were lots of well-chosen songs which were all picked out by Iain MacIver (A few were written by him too!)


We had dances to all of these which were not only fun to perform, but lots of fun to watch too!

Personally, we think the script was very well written and there were lots of laughs throughout (Especially from the Distillery staff!)

Our favourite part was when Callum Maclennan (Pete) came on stage and did his first line because the whole crowed erupted with laughter and applause!

There was an interval half way through where everyone got tea or coffee and a mince pie.

We hope everyone who attended enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed performing!