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Guests with Lewis connections are to feature in a new podcast series delving into the stories of Gaelic song.

Singer Deirdre Graham, best known for her contemporary take on traditional Gaelic songs, is sharing her passion about the melding of old and new with the series, Gaelic Song Stories.

Starting on Thursday 18 November, the six-part series will delve into the rich history of Gaelic song and feature interviews with Gàidheals able to enlighten listeners with their extensive cultural knowledge.

The first episode will feature Lewis-born senior lecturer on material culture and Gàidhealtachd history at the University of the Highlands and Islands, Dòmhnall Uilleam Stiùbhart, and will explore the development of Gaelic oral literature during the 17th and 18th centuries.

Margaret Bennett - photo by Duncan McNab

In the second episode, writer, folklorist and singer Margaret Bennett, who spent her teenage years in Lewis, will feature as a guest, discussing emigration, Culloden, the American Wars of Independence, the Highland potato famine and Quebec.

Other episodes will explore a range of topics that influenced Gaelic song, including female empowerment, witches and ghosts, community and land reform.

Deirdre is a Glasgow-based Gaelic singer whose musical stylings are heavily influenced by her upbringing on the Isle of Skye. Her debut album Urranta was released in December 2020.

The singer was inspired to create a podcast in order to expand on her own understanding of the historical context of Gaelic songs and to take listeners on that journey with her. She hopes Gaelic Song Stories will add a voice to all of the positive conversations in support of Gaelic and its music.

Deirdre said: "People are compelled by stories. Often there's not a chance to tell the story at gigs. Many audience members don't speak Gaelic and these stories can give them a further appreciation of the music they enjoy listening to. I think people are increasingly seeking to reconnect with Gaelic at the moment."

The first episode of the solo project, which is being supported by Creative Scotland, will be available on all major podcast platforms on Thursday 18 November, with weekly episodes to follow. A second series is also already in development.

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The pictures show podcast guests Dòmhnall Uilleam Stewart (Catriona Cameron) and Margaret Bennett (Duncan MacNab).