The Crofting Commission is encouraging crofters to plan for the future and put in place a croft succession plan for when they are no longer able to work their croft and comply with their duties.

All crofters, both tenant and owner-occupiers, are required to comply with a number of statutory duties relating to residency and management of their crofts.

Vice Convener of the Crofting Commission I G MacDonald highlighted the importance of a croft succession plan.

He said: "Crofters need to understand the possibilities available to them if they are no longer able to comply with their duties.  There are either short term options, such as sublet or short term let of a croft, or longer term options, such as assigning the tenancy of the croft or transferring the ownership of the croft.

"We strongly advise all crofters to make provision during their lifetime for the succession to the tenancy of the croft and arrange for a crofting solicitor to draw up their Will.  This will help to prevent an intestate succession which is a complicated area of law.

"By creating a croft succession plan crofters are able to have a say in the future of the croft and provide an opportunity for a younger person to continue the work after you and help to secure the future of crofting."