The Stornoway launch was held in the Sea Angling Club

‘Fun and quirky’ are the words used to describe three localised short films launched today to raise awareness of the importance of Vitamin D in childhood. 

Featuring local children and adults from the Butt to Barra, the films were created by NHS Western Isles to bring some playfulness to an otherwise unexciting subject, with some light-hearted and humorous results.

Using adults whose voices are dubbed by children, each of the films delivers its own Vitamin D message: The Importance of Vitamin D, How Do I Get My Vitamin D?, and The Health Start Scheme. 

Emelin Collier, Chair of the Western Isles Maternal and Information Nutrition (MIN) Strategy Group, said: “The Western Isles MIN Strategy Group offers free Healthy Start Pregnancy tablets to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, which are available from their Midwife or Health Visitor.

“For children aged six months to four years, parents are encouraged to provide them with five daily drops of the Healthy Start Vitamin Drops, which are available free of charge from their GP Surgery, Health Visitor, Sports Centre or Nursery.

“Adults are also recommended to take a single daily Vitamin D supplement, while for older adults, a single daily Vitamin D supplement with added calcium may be recommended to prevent against osteoporosis.”

The three films will be made available individually over the forthcoming weeks via the NHS Western Isles’ social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and its own website.