Although the Westside Club missed out on 3 League points this week, their spirits were lifted at the end of the match by being presented with a cheque for £1,830.60 from Malcolm Paterson of the Western Isles Lottery Team.

The club applied for funding to repair their current goal nets, purchase line flags and also to purchase a set of quality mobile goals for use by organisations throughout the Westside Community. The sum presented was recently raised by Supporters of the Lottery in the Ness/Westside Area bringing the total distributed in the area to £8,430.00.

Previous recipients have been Eoropie Playpark, Balantrushal and Carloway Community Associations,  and the Westside Agricultural Show.  All current proceeds raised to end July 2019 will be received by Comunn Eachdraidh Nis to support them with the final stage of their extensive upgrades which includes the landscaping of the area.

John “Corrags” MacLeod said, “I can’t emphasise enough the benefits the Western Isles Lottery has made to every Community across the Western Isles, not least to the Ness and Westside area and encourages everybody to sign up to the Lottery to ensure continual, and  much needed, funds are raised in their local area.  Each area receives their proceeds on a monthly basis and £1 per week from everyone already supporting has made a huge difference”

Anyone can Join by internet at OR by phoning the Support/Ticket line on 0300 30 20 444 (local calling rate applies).

Pictured receiving the cheque on behalf of the Westside Football Club are John “Corrags” Macleod and Calum Morrison, their Assistant Treasurer.