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  1. The Morayshire Roll of Honour -The Great War 1914-1918. A biographical record of the men and women connected with the County who took part in it. Along with a Foreword by William J. Mackenzie. A Native of the County, who also Edited and Printed this Volume. H.B. Published in 1921. 547 Pages. £200 A good copy.
  2. A Highlander Looks Back by Angus Macpherson. The memoirs of the author who was a well known public figure, piper, angler, seannachaidh and sheep farmer in his day. H.B. Published in 1954. 22 Chapters and a Foreword by Seton Gordon. Includes Illustrations. 84 Pages. £50
  3. Clan Donald by Donald J. Macdonald of Castleton. Foreword by The Rt Hon Godfrey James Macdonald of Macdonald Lord Macdonald. H.B. With D/J Published in 1978. 24 Chapters, Bibliography, Index, Illustrations, Genealogical Charts, Maps and Plans. 466 Pages. £65
  4. Soldiering on St Kilda by James Mackay. This book is a personal memoir of soldiering on St Kilda for a period of two and a half years (1959-1961), by a man who became so fascinated by the place that he has spent the ensuing four decades ferreting out all he could about its previous military connections. H.B. With D/J published in 2002. 12 Chapters and an Epilogue and includes many illustrations. 154 Pages. £25 (Scarce)
  5. Mingulay An Island Guide by Comunn Eachdraidh Bharraidh. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 1994. 22 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  6. Memoirs of a Muck Shifter by Hector Mackenzie. The author born in the remote Punta Arenas in Chile in 1927, but brought up in a strict Presbyterian household in Ullapool, tells the stories from his life. H.B. Published in 2004. 16 Chapters and Illustrations. 223 Pages. £8
  7. The Lords of the Isles by Raymond Campbell Paterson. The History of Clan Donald. 13 Chapters, Notes, Selected Bibliography, Maps, Index. P.B. Published in 2001. Includes Illustrations. 265 Pages. £10
  8. The Hermitage Guide to The West Highland Way. Booklet, printed in 1993. 29 Pages. £6
  9. The Glasgow School of Art -The Reid Building 09.04.14. Booklet, printed to commemorate the Official Opening of the Reid Building at Glasgow School of Art. Booklet. £6
  10. Souvenir of the Official Opening of the New Administrative Buildings of the Ayrshire Electricity Board by Sir Andrew Duncan (Chairman of the Central Electricity Board) July 19th, 1929. Booklet, 11 Pages. £8 (Scarce)
  11. An Dochas Beo Laoidhean le Donnchadh Macasgaill. Booklet, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1990. 12 Laoidhean. 38 Duilleag. £8
  12. Southern Comfort The Story of Borders Rugby by Neil Drysdale. Foreword by David Campese. In this seminal work, the author investigates the way that the Borders developed into one of Rugby’s most famous heartlands and examines the impact which the South has made on the game since Langholm came into being in 1871. H.B. With D/J Published in 2011. 15 Chapters, Borders Town by Town Guide, Index. Includes Illustrations. 278 Pages. £6
  13. Harris In History and Legend by Bill Lawson. Contents: The Machair, Tarasaigh, Caol na Hearadh, Tairbeart and na Baigh, The Forest and Scalpaigh, Hiort (St Kilda), Epilogue, Appendix, References. P.B. Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2011. 244 Pages. £8
  14. Lewis In History and Legend. The East Coast by Bill Lawson. Contents: Sgire Bhac, Mu Thimcheall Steornabhaigh, An Rubha, Sgire nan Loch, Steornabhaigh, Epilogue, References, Maps. P.B. Published in 2011. 252 Pages. £8
  15. The Isle of Mull and Iona. Fully illustrated Guide Book. Booklet which contains a map, tours of the islands, Iona, Gaelic Names, Clan Maclean, Duart Castle, etc. 64 Pages. Date of Printing Unknown. £8
  16. The Lords of the Isles. The Clan Donald and the early Kingdom of the Scots by Ronald Williams. Contents: Dalriada and the Celtic Memory, The Viking Period, The Gaelic Revival, The Lordship, Appendices, List of Maps and Genealogical Tables. P.B. Originally Published in 1984, this reprint is from 1997. 270 Pages. £8
  17. Strathclyde’s Smuggling Story by Frances Wilkins. P.B. Published in 1992. Nine Chapters, Appendix and bibliography. 121 Pages. £8
  18. Torhousemuir: Memories of a Wigtownshire Crofter 1935-1945 Jo Whiteford. Edited by Julia Muir Watt. Crofting has long been considered a purely Highland activity, but in the southernmost reaches of Scotland a crofting community existed until the end of the Second World War. P.B. 104 Pages. Printed in 2001. £8
  19. Memories of a Galloway Childhood by Christopher Russell. An illustrated anthology of new Scottish verse. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. 22 Poems in total. 50 Pages. £6
  20. Uig 2000. Portrait of an Island Community. A photographic record of each household in the district of Uig, Lewis in the year 2000. P.B. Published in 2001. 112 Pages. £10
  21. Back Football Club. Golden Jubilee Souvenir Programme 1933-1983. Booklet, printed in 1983. Gives a season by season account of how the team fared and contains many photographs. 40 Pages. £8 (Very scarce)
  22. Sea Room An Island Life by Adam Nicolson. The story of the Shiant Isles off the coast of Lewis, which the author inherited from his father at the age of 21. This book describes the island as a microcosm of richness, their long and at times painful history combined with a natural world at its most potent. H.B. With D/J Published in the mid 2000’s. 391 Pages. £6
  23. The Five Hundred Year Book of the University of Glasgow 1451-1951. To Commemorate the Fifth Centenary of the University of Glasgow. Edited by Ian R. Hamilton. 24 Chapters by different writers. 167 Pages. £10
  24. The Lewisian and Torridonian Rocks of North West Scotland by A.J. Barber, A. Beach, R.G. Park, J Tarney and A.D. Stewart. With a foreword by John Sutton and Janet Watson. Geologists Association Guide No. 21. Booklet, printed in 1978. 99 Pages. £8
  25. Island farm by F. Fraser Darling. The story of the author’s time on the Isle of Tanera running a farm. H.B. Published in 1943. 1st 16 Chapters and Conclusion. Includes illustrations. 223 Pages. £15
  26. Clan Fraser. A history celebrating over 800 years of the Family in Scotland by Flora Marjory Fraser 20th Lady Saltoun. Part 1 -History, Part 2 Cairnbulg, Part 3 Succession, Part 4 -Two Chiefs, Chart of Cadet Lines, Bibliography. P.B. Published in 1997. 83 Pages. £8
  27. Suil ri Cladach. Cruinneachadh de dh’orain mhara. Deasaichte le Alexina Ghreumach agus Alma NicShimidh. 25 Orain. Leabhar A4, air fhoillseachadh ann an 1992. 48 Duilleag. £6
  28. The School Gaelic Dictionary. Prepared for the use of Students of the Gaelic Language by Malcolm Macfarlane. H.B. Date of Publishing unknown. 191 Pages. £15
  29. The Historical Families of Dumfriesshire and the Border Wars by C. L. Johnstone. Booklet, originally printed in 1888, date of reprint unknown. XI Chapters. 67 Pages. £8
  30. When the Years Were Young by Mary Sandeman. A child’s eye view of the 1920’s in the West Highlands. 21 Chapters, Glossary and two appendixes. P.B. Published circa late 1990’s. 96 Pages. £8
  31. The Men of Skye by Roderick MacCowan. H.B. Fully Rebound. Published in 1902. 1st This book profiles 49 Christian men from Skye and includes appendixes with three poems at the end. 230 Pages. £45
  32. The Glen. Glentrool: its scenery and story. P.B. 27 Pages, each page has text and an accompanying photo. Printed in 2016. £5
  33. The Macleod’s The Genealogy of a Clan. Section Three. Macleod Cadet Families descended from William XIII Chief by the late Rev Dr Donald Mackinnon and Alick Morrison. P.B. Published in 1970. This publication looks at 20 branches of the Macleods mainly in Skye, Pabbay, St Kilda and Berneray. 294 Pages. £25
  34. The Isle of Lewis and Harris. A Study of British Community by Arthur Geddes. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955. 1st Contents: Environment and Landscape, The Seasons, Plant Life and Crofters Year, The Island Home: homestead, Township and Burgh and their Population, The Evolution of Economy and Society in the Island Environment, Family Farm Group and Township, The Continuing Community and its Social Economy to 1815, Clansmen, People, Chiefs and Tacksmen, The Spiritual Life of the Community, Change in Religion and Social Customs, Economic Changes:1750-1919, Between Two Wars and After:1918-1952, Economic Statistics of Lewis and Harris, Selected Bibliography, Includes a List of Plates and Figures. 340 Pages. £45
  35. A Bird Watcher in the Isle of Harris. Notes and Records 1954-1963 & 1970 -1995 by Geoffrey D. Wilkinson. Booklet, printed in 2002. 39 Pages. £8
  36. Calvinistic Theology. Produced by the Lewis Branch of the Scottish Reformation Society. An edited version of an address given at a meeting of the Lewis Branch of the Scottish Reformation Society on Friday 19 November 1993 by Rev George Macaskill APC Minister, Stornoway. Booklet, 15 Pages. £5
  37. Highland Drove by John Keay. Two hundred years ago, from Scotland’s remotest glens and islands as many as 150,000 head of cattle a year poured through the mountains on their way to Lowland markets. For cattle was then the wealth of the Highlands: they were the main trade, the main cash crop, the main currency. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. 1st 13 Chapters, Bibliography and Illustrations. 202 Pages. £10
  38. The Eishken Estate A History by David SD Jones. Booklet, printed in 2009. 56 Pages and includes Photographs. £8
  39. The History of the Stromness Lifeboats. Written and Produced by Jeff Morris. Booklet, printed in 1993. 42 Pages. £6
  40. Discovering Inverness shire by Lorraine Maclean of Dochgarroch. P.B. Published in 1988, 13 Chapters. This book covers the mainland part of Inverness Shire plus part of Appin. 251 Pages. £10
  41. Inhabitants of the Inner Isles Morvern and Ardnamurchan 1716. The Scottish Record Society New Series Volume 21. Edited by Nicholas Bristol Maclean. A reprint of the original manuscript. H.B. Published in 1998. 173 Pages. £12
  42. To Move With the Times. The Story of Transport and Travel in Scotland by Anne Gordon. The author has written a comprehensive historical account tracing the ever changing story of transport and travel in Scotland. H.B. With D/J Published in 1988. 19 Chapters, Notes, Bibliography. Includes Illustrations. 248 Pages. £6
  43. Visiting Distilleries by Duncan & Wendy Graham. Contents include; The Central Highlands, Map of the Islands & The West Coast, The Islands & The West Coast, Map of Islay & Jura, Islay & Jura, Map of Orkney & The North of Scotland, Orkney & The North of Scotland, Map of Speyside, Speyside, Map of the Lowlands, The Lowlands, Map of Northern Ireland, Northern Ireland, Glossary, Visitor Responses Form. H.B. Published in 2001. 121 Pages. £8
  44. Lights in the Darkness. Planting Churches through Children’s work in Lima’s shantytown by Margaret Sanderson. Originally written in Spanish and translated by Vivien Whitfield. P.B. Published 2003. 21 Chapters. 120 Pages. £6
  45. Glimpses of Gunn by Ann Yule and Allan Haldane. An Appreciation of the Life and Works of Neil M. Gunn. Contents: Foreword, Introduction, Glimpses of Gunn, The Tormore Story, Recollections, Acknowledgements, Main Publications. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 64 Pages. Signed by the Editor. £8
  46. Monty’s Highlanders 51st Highland Division in World War Two. By Patrick Delaforce. P.B. Originally Published in 1997, this reprint is from 1998. 43 Chapters. 240 Pages. £8
  47. Children’s Recipe Book. Compiled by Special Class Stornoway Primary. Booklet, with ring binding. Date of printing unknown. 25 Pages. £5
  48. St Columba’s (Old Parish) Church, Stornoway. Guild Recipe Book. Booklet, with ring binding. Printed in 2005. Contents: Starters, Main Courses, Vegetarian, Salads, Desserts, Baking, Confectionary, Preserves, Household Hints, Temperature Guide. £6
  49. The Discovery of the Hebrides. Voyages to the Western Isles 1745-1883 by Elizabeth Bray. Contents include : voyages by Martin Martin, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Murdoch Mackenzie, Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, John Knox, James Hogg, Willaim Wordsworth, etc. P.B. Originally Published in 1986, this reprint is from 1996. 17 Chapters. 268 Pages. Signed by the Editor. £12
  50. The Hub of my Universe by James Shaw Grant. Humour, Mystery, Tragedy and Adventure from real life in the Outer Hebrides. A selection of stories from the author which first appeared in the columns of the Stornoway Gazette. P.B. Published in 1982. 49 Chapters, 148 Pages. £8
  51. The Wreck of the Annie Jane by Allan F. Murray. The forgotten Island disaster 1853, Vatersay, Outer Hebrides. In late 1853, the ‘Annie Jane’ set sail from Liverpool, heading for Quebec in North America. On board were 450 men, women, and children: Irish, Scottish and English emigrants fleeing poverty and famine. The ship was wrecked in a horrendous storm and driven ashore on the small island of Vatersay in the Outer Hebrides, with the loss of 350 passengers and crew. P.B. Published in 2017. 16 Chapters, Maps and Illustrations. 231 Pages. £10
  52. The Scottish Antiquarian Tradition. Essays to mark the bicentenary of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland 1780-1980. Edited by A.S. Bell. Eight essays in total and two Appendixes. The essays were written by; Ronald G. Cant, R.B.K. Stevenson. Marinell Ash, D.V. Clarke, Angus Graham, Ian Stewart, Charles J. Burnett. H.B. With D/J Published in 1981. 286 Pages. £12
  53. Managing Scotland’s Environment by Charles Warren. P.B. Originally Published in 2002, this reprint is from 2004. The Book is in Five parts: The Nature and Control of the Land, The Pieces of the Jigsaw, Interactions and Controversies, Thinking and Deciding about the Environment, Conclusion. 410 Pages. £10
  54. The Village Names of Lewis. A new edition of the classic work on the Island’s Old Norse place names heritage by Magne Oftedal. Booklet, which is a facsimilie copy of the original work. Printed in 2009. 56 Pages. £6
  55. The Gordon’s Mill Farming Club 1758-1764 by J. H. Smith. Contents: The Infield and Outfield System, Agriculture in Transition, Agricultural Societies, Extracts from the Minutes. H.B. With D/J Published in 1962. 1st Slight tears at the bottom of the D/J on the spine and front board. 156 Pages. £15
  56. South Lochs in the Leverhulme Era. A Community in Crisis by Monique Watt. Booklet, printed in 2012. 48 Pages. £6
  57. Who Owns Scotland by John MacEwan. The first comprehensive history written on who owned the various parts of Scotland. P.B. Published in 1977, 15 Chapters, 9 Appendices. 137 Pages. Includes two newspaper cuttings,one about the sale of 2 Estates in Uig, Lewis and an obituary to the Author printed in the WHFP. £8
  58. “Of Foxes and Saints” Sandy McLaren St Johnstone, Scotland and Leicester City. By G. McLaren. Contents: Preface, The Early Years, St Johnstone FC, Leicester City FC, Wartime and Later Years, Appendices. P.B. Published in 2001. 72 Pages. £8
  59. Fuinnan Sailm. Gaelic Psalm Tunes. Including the Long Tunes Noted by Mr Whitehead, From Rev Donald Munro. Booklet, printed in 1932, 23 Psalm Tunes. 23 Pages. £10 (Scarce)
  60. Alias MacAlias. Writings on Songs, Folk and Literature. Hamish Henderson. Edited by Alec Finlay. P.B. Originally Published in 1992, this reprint is from 2004. Part One deals with Folk Songs, Part Two: People, part Three: Folk Tales, Part Four: Literature and Politics. 455 Pages. £8
  61. James Hogg at Home by Norah Parr. Being the Domestic Life and Letters of the Ettrick Shepherd. P.B. Published in 1980. 8 Chapters, Maps and Family Tree and Index. 142 Pages. £8
  62. Strathconon by Duncan Maclennan. The author’s reminiscences of what it was like to be brought up on a Highland Sporting estate in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Booklet, printed in 1996. 15 Chapters. 54 Pages. £8
  63. Churchill’s Prisoners. The Italians in Orkney 1942-44. Compiled by James Macdonald. Booklet, originally Printed in 1987, this reprint is from 1992. 9 Chapters and Illustrations. 44 Pages. £6
  64. Prehistoric Lochbroom & Assynt by Cathy Dagg Lochbroom Field Club. Booklet, printed in 1990. A publication which looks at the local environment of the area. 35 Pages. £6
  65. This Was My Glen by Donald Mackay. (Jenny Horn) Caithness Notebook No 2. 18 Chapters and a glossary. Originally printed in August 1965, this second reprint is from June 1966. 71 Pages. £8
  66. Calum’s Road by Roger Hutchinson. The story of one man’s visionary project of building a road in the North end of Raasay. H.B. With D/J Published in 2006, 1st 6 Chapters, Preface, Maps, Notes, Bibliography. 196 Pages. £6
  67. Oban High School. The First 100 Years. A book published to celebrate the centenary in 1992 of Secondary education at Oban High School. Edited by Robert A. Reid. Ten articles by former pupils which span the 100 years of the school, includes a list of the Dux Medalists, School Captains, Indices. H.B. With D/J Published in 1993. Includes photographs. 220 Pages. £10
  68. Glen More -a drive through history by Jackie LeMay & Joanna Gardner. Booklet, two mull authors combine their writing and artistic talents to take you through Glen More -the history, legends, wildlife and flowers. Printed in 2001. 28 ages. £6
  69. Graips & Gumboots. Memories of the Women’s Land Army by Alex W.L.A.. No 906 & Bea W.L.A. No 1223. Booklet,printed in 1993. The booklet is in four parts. 56 Pages. £8
  70. Mull: Monuments and History. An excursion guide by Jean Whittaker. Booklet, printed in 2004. 16 Chapters, Maps and Bibliography. 36 Pages. £6
  71. The Fergussons by Sir James Fergusson of Kilkerran. Their Lowland and Highland Branches. With tartan and Arms in Colour, and a Map. Booklet, a reprint from 1970. 32 Pages. £6
  72. The Island of Bute by Ian S. Munro. H.B. With D/J Published in 1973. 1st 12 Chapters, Bibliography, Acknowledgements, Index. Includes Illustrations. 224 Pages. £10
  73. A Sad Tale of the Sea. The story of Malcolm Macdonald and Murdo Mackay on the Island of Rona by Michael Robson. Booklet, printed in 2006. 50 pages. £6
  74. An Naidheachd Bhon Taigh le Tormod Caimbeul. Taghadh de sgeulachdan agus bardachd bho sar sgriobhadair gaidhlig. P.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1994. 138 Duilleagan. £6
  75. In Bed With an Elephant. The Scottish Experience by P.H. Scott. Saltire Pamphlets. New Series 7. Five Chapters, References. Booklet,printed in 1985. £5
  76. West Highland Survey. An Essay in Human Ecology. Edited by F.Fraser Darling. Contents: A Brief Historical Resume of the Highland Problem, Relief,Land Forms, Vegetation and Communications, Population, The Ecology of Land Use, The Agricultural Situation, The Social Situation, Summary of the West Highland Survey Report. H.B. With D/J Published in 1955, this reprint is from 1956. Includes, Tables, Figures and Plates. 438 Pages. £20
  77. ‘More Fruitful than the Soil’ Army, Empire and the Scottish Highlands, 1715-1815 by Andrew Mackillop. This book analyses the origins, development and impact of the British Army recruiting in the Scottish Highlands in the period from 1739-1815. P.B. Published in 2000. 7 Chapters, Conclusion, Appendices, Bibliography, Index. 290 Pages. £10
  78. William MacGillivray. A Hebridean Naturalist’s Journal 1817-1818. Edited by Dr Robert Ralph. A detailed journal that provides a rare insight into the rural life of 19th century Scotland. Contents: Foreword, Editorial Note, The Journal, Colour Plates, Postscript, Two Appendixes. P.B. Published in 1996. 167 Pages. £8
  79. Ferguson A Bi Centenary Handsel. Seventeen Poems Selected by Robert Garioch. A Vision of Angels A one act play by Anne Smith. The work of the Edinburgh Poet Robert Ferguson 1750-1774. Booklet, printed in 1974. 72 Pages. £6
  80. Logan’s Complete Tutor for the Highland Bagpipe and a selectin of Marches, Quicksteps, Laments, Strathspeys Reels & Country Dances. 1950 Revised Edition by Pipe Major William Ross. 48 Pages. Some tears on the spine. £15
  81. Old Cowcaddens, Possilpark & Lambhill by Andrew Stuart. Booklet, printed circa late 1990’s. Text accompanies all the photographs. 48 Pages. £6
  82. Richard Cameron Martyr, Revolutionary and Preacher 1648 1680 by Rev A. Sinclair Horne. Lecture given on occasion of 300th anniversary of the Sanquhar Declaration, 22nd June 1680 and death of Richard Cameron 22nd July 1680. Booklet, printed in 1980. 18 Pages. £8
  83. Lost Perthshire by Ann Lindsay. P.B. Published in 2011. Eight Chapters, Bibliography and Sources. 212 Pages. £6
  84. Cullen A Pictorial History by Duncan Wood. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 53 Pages. £6
  85. Croft Histories Balranald and Paiblesgarry by Comann Ecahdraidh Uibhist a Tuath. Contents: History of Balranald and Paiblesgarry -Pre 1921, Land Raid 1921 -Balranald Estate, A Uist Tradition, Index of Crofts. Booklet,printed in 1988. 51 Pages. £8 (Scarce)
  86. The Blackhouse Families. Teaghlaichean nan Taighean Dubha. A record of the families that resided in the 7 Black Houses in the village of Garenin,Isle of Lewis. Details all the inhabitants and has information on the majority of them and includes photos of some of the people and some of the families. A4 Size publication, compiled and printed by Urras nan Gearranan. Date of printing unknown but possibly mid to late 1990’s. 68 Pages. £15 (Very Scarce)
  87. The Land and People of Scotland by James Meek. H.B. With D/J Published in 1990. Seventeen Chapters, Bibliography, Discography, Filmography, Index. 244 Pages. £6
  88. Introducing Scotland Place Names by Fiona Johnstone. P.B. Published in 1982. Contents: Introduction, Scottish Place Names, Reading List. 64 Pages. £5
  89. Island Heroes. The Military History of the Hebrides. The proceedings of a three day conference held in Shawbost, Isle of Lewis 11-13 August 2008. Papers delivered by the following; Frank Thompson, Andrew MacKillop, Nicholas Maclean-Bristol, Captain Roderick Mackinnon, M.N. Beaton & W. McGonagle, Donald John Macleod, Malcolm Macdonald, Mike Hughes, John Davenport, Ken Watson, Sheriff Colin Scott Mackenzie. P.B. Published in 2010. 205 Pages. £10
  90. The Long Road A Driver’s Guide to Jura by Peter Youngson. Booklet, originally published in 1983, this fourth reprint is from 2005. 68 Pages. £6
  91. Suathadh Ri Iomadh Rubha. Eachdraidh beatha Aonghas Caimbeul (Am Puilean) Nis, Leodhais. H.B. Air fhoillseachadh ann an 1973. Clar Innsidh: Oige ann an Suaineabost, Daoine Eibhinn sa Sgire, Bearnaraidh agus Easaidh, Cuckoo Sailor, Anns an Arm Cheangailt, Nis agus Glaschu, Braighdeanas, Suil air ais’s air adhart. 370 Duilleag. £20
  92. Riders of the Storm. The Story of the Royal National Lifeboat Institution by Ian Cameron. H.B. Published in 11 Chapters and 6 Appendices and illustrations. 256 Pages. £8
  93. Ainmean Eun. Beurla gu Gaidhlig agus Gaidhlig gu Beurla. Comann Rioghail Dion Nan Eun. The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. A4 Size Publication. Date of printing unknown. £10
  94. Free Church Ministers in Lewis (Presbytery) 1843-1993 by Rev Murdo Macaulay. A4 Size Publication. Printed 1994. The publication gives biographical detail and a photo of every Minister who has served in the Lewis congregations. 65 Pages. £10
  95. The Church in Uig (Lewis) up to the Union of 1929 by John Macleod. A very comprehensive history of the Church in Uig from 1778-until the mid 1990’s. A4 Size Publication. Printed in 2001. Twenty Six Chapters and Appendices. £10
  96. George Washington Wilson and Victorian Glasgow. By John R Hume and Tessa Jackson. 53 Photographs in total with accompanying text. P.B. Published in 1983. 44 Pages. £10
  97. Sons of Struth Demand the Truth. The Inside Story of the Battle for Power at Rangers by Craig Houston. Foreword by John Brown. P.B. Published in 2015. Sixteen Chapters, Acknowledgements and Bibliography. The story of one man’s campaign on going from being an ordinary fan sitting in the stands to spearheading the struggle for control at Ibrox as an alarming financial crisis steadily worsened. £5
  98. A Swedish Field Trip to the Outer Hebrides 1934. In memory of Sven T Kjellberg and Olof Hasslof. Compiled and Edited by Alexander Fenton with Mark A Mulhern. A fascinating pictorial record of the Outer Hebrides from Barra to Ness in the year 1934. Notes as written at the time accompany each photograph. Contents: Acknowledgements, List of Figures, Foreword, Introduction, Map, Place and Scholarship, The Diary and Notes, A Century of Change in the Outer Hebrides, Notes, Bibliography, Index. H.B. Published in 2012. 110 Pages. £15
  99. The North Herring Fishing. Ring Net Fishermen in the Minches by Angus Martin. P.B. Published in 2001. 27 Chapters and many Illustrations. Two Appendixes. This is the oral history of forays to the Minches by fishermen of Ayrshire and Kintyre. 190 Pages. £8
  100.  Confessions of a Highland Hero Steve ‘Pele’ Paterson with Frank Gilfeather. This candid and brutally honest memoir recounts the heady days of his footballing success as well as the devastating consequences of his addictive personality.  Paterson managed Elgin City, Huntly, Inverness Caley Thistle and Aberdeen.H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. 41 Chapters and photographs. 246 Pages. £5
  101. Island Journeys. A Countrywoman’s Travel by Bessie Skea. Bessie Skea’s lyrical writing captures the essence of Orkney’s sea, sky and countryside with an exquisite sharpness that lingers like winter light on the snow. B. Published in 1993, 28 Chapters. 165 Pages. £6
  102. The Silent Weaver. The Extraordinary life and work of Angus MacPhee by Roger Hutchinson. Angus Macphee from South Uist spent 50 years as a patient in Craig Dunain Hospital in Inverness. This book traces the life of this remarkable man in this rich, moving and enthralling exploration of mental health, the creative process, human frailty and ancient traditions. P.B. Published in 2011. 7 Chapters, Notes and Bibliography. 177 Pages. £5
  103. Saints & Sinners. Tales of Lewis Lives by Iain Smith with Joan Forrest. A book which looks at Education on the Isle of Lewis and some of the individuals who made the most of the education thy received in the late 19th Century and the early part of the 20th Individuals profiled are: John L Robertson, William T Ross, Alexander Macdonald, Professor Robert M Maciver, Professor Donald Mackenzie, John Munro, Murdo Macdonald & Hector Maciver. P.B. Published in 2017. Eleven Chapters. 180 Pages. £8
  104. The Sporting Estates of the Outer Hebrides Past and Present. An Illustrated History by David S.D. Jones. P.B. Published in 2008. 26 Chapters and looks at 20 sporting estates. 144 Pages. £10 (Signed by the Author)
  105. The Crofters War by I.M.M. Macphail. H.B. With D/J Published in 1989. Ten Chapters which includes, The Skye Troubles, The Napier Commission, Military Expedition to Skye, Grazings Disputes, The Crofters Act, Gun Boats to the Hebrides. etc, etc. 250 Pages. £8
  106. Dain do Eimhir le Somhairle Mac Ghill Eathain. An Clar Innsidh: Dain do Eimhir, Dain Eile, Eisgeachd, Versions of Selected Poems, Other Poems, Dealbhan. 80 Dain uile gu leir, le cud aca air an eadar theangachadh gu beurla. H.B. With D/J Published in 1943. 1st 103 Pages. £25
  107. Reminiscences of the Lews; Or, Twenty Years Wild Sport in the Hebrides by G.W. Hely Hutchinson. A reprint of the original classic which was published in 1873. P.B. Date of Printing unknown. 21 Chapters. 272 Pages. £20
  108. Celts of Compton County. A record of the emigrants that settled in Compton County, Quebec. Table of Contents: Dedication, Foreword, The Research Group, The Workers, Lewis-Life in the Hebrides, Voyage, Discovery, Home in a New Land, Home in a New Land, Leaving but Still Remembering, Books and Tape recordings.A4 Size Publication with ring binding. This publication seems to have been a research project which was placed in the local library in Compton County, so that people could find the information they wanted in the one place. Date of Printing maybe late 1980’s. £35 (Very Scarce)
  109. Rich Man, Beggar Man, Indian Chief. Fascinating Scots in Canada and America by Tom Bryan. In this absorbing book, the author recounts the colourful lives of 130 emigrants who made their mark on North American history. H.B. With D/J Published in 1997. Nine Chapters. 170 Pages. £8
  110. Ties That Bind. Boys Schools of Edinburgh by Alasdair Roberts. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. 12 Chapters. 223 Pages. £10
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  112. A Last Wild Place by Mike Tomkies. The story of the authors life on the Island of Shona, in the West Highlands of Scotland to a remote Lochside cottage unoccupied since 1912, 44 miles from the nearest Town, and almost 7 miles from his nearest neighbour. H.B. With D/J Published in 1984. The book is in six parts and includes photographs. 250 Pages. Ex Library £8
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  115. Recipes from the Orkney Islands. Edited by Eileen Wolfe. P.B. Published in 1978, this reprint is from 1994. Fourteen Chapters, which includes Meat, Savoury, Sauces, Desserts, Baking, Preserves, Home Brew, etc, etc. 137 Pages. £5
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  119. Restoration of the Matheson Monument, Stornoway, Outer Hebrides. A joint publication by the Stornoway Amenity Trust & Stornoway Trust. A step by step guide with photographs of each stage of the works and also includes some historical background. Booklet, date of printing unknown. 15 Pages. £6
  120. The Atmosphere of the Mearns frozen in time at the Millenium. A Photographic Celebration. P.B. 40 Pages, date of printing unknown. £6
  121. Scottish Exodus. Travels Among a Worldwide Clan by James Hunter. This book breaks new ground by taking particular emigrants, drawn from the once powerful Clan Macleod, and discovering with help from their descendants, exactly what happened to them and their families. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 7 Chapters, Acknowledgements, Notes and Reference, Bibliography and Index. 414 Pages. £8
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  123. The Glasgow Rangers Story by Duncan Whitelaw. A history of Rangers FC, which blends a narrative around the rich tapestry, using stories and memories from the author’s fellow supporters. P.B. Published in 2014. 302 Pages. £5
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  145. Aberdeen Scotland’s Leading Resort. The Silver City with the Golden Sands. Date unknown. £6
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  153. When I Heard the Bell. The Loss of the Iolaire by John Macleod. The first in depth book about the loss of the Iolaire which sank near Stornoway Harbour on New Year’s Day 1919, with the loss of over 200 lives. It remains the worst peace time loss at sea since the sinking of the Titanic. H.B. With D/J Published in 2009. 8 Chapters and Appendixes. 292 Pages. £10
  154. Faclair Gaidhlig gu Beurla. Dwelly’s Illustrated Gaelic to English Dictionary. Containing every Gaelic word and meaning given in all previously published Dictionaries and a great number never in print before. To which is Prefixed a Concise Gaelic Grammar. H.B. With DJ Published in 1988. 1034 Pages. £10
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  166. Iain ‘Ain ‘ic Iain. From Garenin to the Oregon County by Maletta Macphail. The story of John Macleod who was born in Garenin, Isle of Lewis in May 1815, but spent most of his life in the area that is now known as Washington State. This book looks at his mazing life story. P.B. Published in 2015. 9 Chapters, Biography and list of sources. The book is a bilingual publication. 117 Pages. £8
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  180. St Kilda. National Nature Reserve. A Scottish Natural Heritage Publication. Text by John Love. 10 Chapters which look at the landscape, Insects and other animals, seabirds, landbirds, St Kilda mice, Soay sheep and Boreray sheep. P.B. Date of publishing unknown. 45 Pages. £8
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  185. The Soap Man. Lewis, Harris and Lord Leverhulme by Roger Hutchinson. In 1918, as the First World War was drawing to a close, the famous liberal industrialist Lord Leverhulme bought, lock, stock and barrel -the Hebridean island of Lewis. This book paints a beguiling portrait of the driven figure of Lord Leverhulme. H.B. With D/J Published in 2003.Nine Chapters, Notes, Bibliography, Index and includes Illustrations. 236 Pages. £8
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  189. Pictish Symbol Stones. An Illustrated Gazetteer. A4 Size Publication. 56 Pages. £8
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  191. Christie Boy by Chris Fraser. From his birth in a railway cottage in Lairg, in the last months of the Great War, to his time as a Manager with David MacBrayne ltd, in Fort William. Chris Fraser takes us on a tour of a Highland way of life now long gone. P.B. Published in 1994. 14 Chapters. 150 Pages. £6
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  196. Old Glasgow Streets by Rudolph Kenna. A book of photographs and texts. Booklet, printed in 1990, this 4th Edition is from 1995. 52 Pages. £8
  197. Up The Ben Wi Eddie. Photos and chat as we make our way up the Ben Nevis Pony Track by Jimmy Jardine. A4 Size Publication with plenty photographs, stories, facts and figures. This book is a tribute to the famous Eddie Campbell whose name was synonymous with the Ben Race. Published in 2005. 172 Pages. £10
  198. Togail Tir Marketing Time. The Map of the Western Isles. Edited by Finlay Macleod. This book is concerned with the many ways in which a given landscape -in this case the Western Isles of Scotland -may be experienced, depicted and described. It is a serious of articles by well known writers. 19 Chapters, Further reading and Notes on the Contributors A4 Size Publication, published in 1989. 160 Pages. £10 (Signed by the Editor)
  199. The Signet Club, 1808. Historical Sketch Compiled by C.C.N. This edition is limited to One Hundred Copies, signed by the Honorary Secretary and numbered, of which this is 90. H.B. Published in 1928. Contents: Historical Sketch, Secretaries of the Signet Club, Property of the Club, Members of the Signet Club from 1808-1927, List of Members as at 31st December 1927, Rules of the Signet Club, 1808, as amended to July 1927, Menus of Dinners. 64 Pages. £45
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  219. Duntocher and Hardgate in pictures. Booklet, printed in 1983. Text accompanies the photographs. £6
  220. Dunlop Ancient & Modern Exhibition. 27th -29th March 1998. Dunlop Public Hall. Booklet, 32 Pages. £6
  221. A Chaora an Lathair An Luchd Iomairt. Searmon le C.H. Spurgeon. Air Eadar Theangachadh le Iain Mac Mhuirich M.A. Pamhplet, 16 duilleag. £10 (Gann)
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  224. Bygone Comrie. Memories of the Comrie Area and its personalities in the days before the First World War by James Miller. With additional material by Carol Miller and Bernard Byrom. Booklet, printed in 1998. 5 Chapters. 60 Pages. £8
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  230. Fragments and Sermons of the late Rev Malcolm Gillies Stornoway. B. Published in 1987. Includes a short account of Mr Gillies’s life and obituaries that appeared in the press after his death. This book is a presentation copy signed by his son. 127 Pages. £6
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  242. The Cruellest Twist. The Iolaire Disaster. Booklet, compiled by WW100 Scotland to commemorate the centenary of the disaster. This is a bi lingual publication. 48 Pages. £6
  243. Uig 2000. A portrait of an Island Community. A joint project between Uig Community Council and Comunn Eachdraidh Uig which recorded a photograph of each household in the district in the year 2000. P.B. Published in 2001. 122 Pages. £10
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  248. When I Was Young. Voices from the Lost Communities of Scotland by Timothy Neat. P.B. Published in 2000, this is a reprint from 2005. 8 Individuals from 8 different communities in the remoter parts of Scotland are profiled in this book. 235 Pages. £8
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  258. Luftwaffe over Scotland by Les Taylor. P.B. Published in 2010, this is a reprint from the same year. 8 Chapters which covers the war years 1939-1945, 3 appendixes, bibliography and an Index. An important and long overdue contribution to the full understanding of the German bombing campaign against Scotland during WW11. 144 Pages. £6
  259. The Burning Bush in Carloway. Its History and Revivals by Murdo Macaulay. Booklet, printed in 1984, to commemorate the centenary of the Free Church Building at Carloway, Isle of Lewis. 59 Pages. £6
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  266. St Kilda Church, Visitors and Natives by Michael Robson. This book examines the church over the centuries, and the impact of the other outside influences such as tourists and journalists. Described as one of the most important books ever written on St Kilda. Contains many pictures of the island which have never previously been published. The book is in eight parts and contains many illustrations. H.B. With D/J Published in 2005. 755 Pages. £35
  267. Lewis and Harris Seamen 1939-1945 by John & Annie Morrison. A4 Size Publication printed in the mid 1990’s. Foreword by James Shaw Grant. A record of the acts of bravery, courage and endurance of seagoing men from Lewis and Harris. 107 Pages. £10
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  297. Duns Football Club. Gone But Not Forgotten by Colin G. Pike. The story of a football club which after 92 years ceased to exist. This is a detailed history of that club and in particular it’s final season. P.B. Published in 2009. 224 Pages. £8
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  318. The Clan Battle at Perth in 1396: An Episode of Highland History; with an enquiry into its causes and an attempt to identify the clans that engaged in it by Alexander Macintosh Shaw. Booklet, printed in 1874, printed for private circulation. 15 Chapters and an Appendix. 56 Pages. £25
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  323. Yesterday’s Child by Christina J Morrison. The story about a childhood in Inverness, her early working life, and then her Service in WW2 working for Military Intelligence in London, at Whitehall, decoding top secret messages for Churchill’s Government. P.B. Published in 2016. 19 Chapters, 160 Pages. £6
  324. Annual of the Royal Caledonian Curling Club for 1981-82. P.B. 460 Pages. £8
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