The magnificent spectacle of stags in full display is just starting in the Harris hills, and North Harris Trust has planned a series of ‘Roaring and Rutting’ walks to give viistors the full experience.

North Harris Ranger service will lead small groups to witness the red deer rut in various locations from Thursday (October 11th). Participants learn about the life of Scotland’s largest land mammal and the management of the North Harris deer herd. 

The walks start on Thursday with Roaring and Rutting at Cravadale from 10am to 3pm, a grade B difficulty walk starting from the track near Amhuinnsuidhe Castle and covering 8.5 miles to the stunning Glen Cravadale. This is a typical glen shaped by the actions of glaciers. Large herds of deer congregate here during the Autumn and winter and it is an excellent place to watch the rut.

On Saturday 13th and Thursday 18th the walks will be to Modail, a longer and more difficult walk deep into the less explored areas of Harris, with large herds of deer, stunning views and abundant wildlife

Roaring and Rutting at Ulladale is on Thursday 25th October, taking walkers into Glen Ulladale, where the silhouette of Sron Ulladale, Britain’s largest overhanging cliff, dominates the skyline. The final walk of the month, to Langadale, starts from the Bogha Glas car park on Saturday 27th October, with walkers promised that they will be surrounded by roaring stags! 

All walks are weather dependent. For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01859 502222.