Links to the Western Isles stretching back more than 1000 years are to be celebrated by an Icelandic delegation at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh tomorrow (Monday June 3rd).

Five panels of tapestry retelling the story of one of the islands’ early emigrants are to be presented, to join the Scottish Diaspora Tapestry, documenting the impact of Scots on the places in the world where they have settled over the centuries.

The tapestry panels recount the voyage of Aud the Deep-minded, a woman who travelled from the Hebrides in the ninth or tenth century and became one of the founding settlers of Iceland.

Artists and stitchers from all over Iceland have been involved in the creation of the panels, which will be presented at Holyrood at 6pm tomorrow. They include the co-ordinator of the project, handicraft artist Bryndis Simonardottir, who is one of Aud’s 31st-generation descendants.

The panel pictured shows part of Aud’s story recounted in sagas including the Laxdale Saga and the Book of Settlements. In it, Aud travels via Orkney and Faroe to Iceland, stopping to marry her grand-daughters to local nobles, leading to the founding of the leading families in both island groups.

The panel was designed by Kristin Ragna Gunnarsdottir and stitched by Bryndis Simonardottir. (Scottish Diaspora Tapestry).